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Prisoners by Whitetail (T)
Left with partial paralysis after being tortured by Voldemort, Severus is sent...
In Care Of by FangsFawn (T)
In response to the "Bats have superior hearing..." challenge (and perhaps a...
Two Hawks Hunting by Snapegirl (T)
Sequel to Broken Wings! Harry & Severus quest for the remaining Horcruxes. Can...
To Trust by Abie (T)
Harry Potter is located in London in the dead of night. How exactly did he end...
Among The Gemini Trees by JAWorley (16+)
Harry and Hermione go to a prestigious summer school, where Snape is a teacher...

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Welcome to the Potions and Snitches (P&S) Fanfiction archive.

This is the home for stories exploring the general relationship between Severus Snape and Harry Potter. We are dedicated to enjoying the well-known favourites and finding the new. You will be able to find Mentor fics, Father and Son fics, and similar type stories in the archive. MA rated fics are not allowed on this site, nor is SS/HP slash. 

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Congratulations to Whitetail, who won featured status for her story, Prisoners. 


Also, another tie between TWO HAWKS HUNTING, by Snapegirl and IN CARE OF by Fangs Fawn, so both will be awarded also, FEATURED STATUS. 

 Well done to the all the talented authors. 

Pandora on 03 Sep 2014 11:59 pm [3 Comments]
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Love is a haven by atiaahmed (K)
In Second Year Severus and Harry developed an understanding due to a love charm...
Summer Camp with Snape by ravenhaired88 (T)
Someone slips Harry a potion that has irreversible, life-changing effects. Now...
Abandoned by Roselina4389 (T)
When Severus finds out that one-year old Harry Potter has been shipped off to...
Virtus Immolatius, or The Sorting Hat Recants a Sorting by anathi (T)
Hagrid’s effort to console Snape after he hears Snape and Dumbledore’s...
Leashed by Harry-Potter-is-the-best-ever (K)
When Harry and Draco are at it again, a tense duel insues. But when happens...

Story of the Moment
Spectacles by Attackfish T
A Death Eater meeting brings into focus James Potter's place in Voldemort's new society.

09/18/14 12:20 am London Time
Hi everyone. Oh cool. I will have to check that out.
09/17/14 07:12 pm London Time
Okay, Hufflepuff!Harry is added.
09/17/14 11:27 am London Time
Thanks - I'll try those.
09/17/14 11:11 am London Time
I believe RhiannanT's Outcast Alley is a Hufflepuff!Harry, a bit different than the usual though. Book 1 is finished but not book 2.
Magica Draconia
09/17/14 11:06 am London Time
Blueowl has a Hufflepuff!Harry story. Most of it's on here, but the last couple chapters are on fanfiction.
09/17/14 10:14 am London Time
Unfortunately, no, rosina. It's sad not many get too far. I did read one that had 10+ chapters and was good, but I forget what it was called as it was a while ago I read it.
Con Moto
09/17/14 10:07 am London Time
So it turns out my ex is now going out with one of my closest friends. That would explain why my friends have been so secretive lately. Really can't wait till I'm done with school
09/17/14 10:04 am London Time
Do you know of any completed Harry/Hufflepuff stories, Watercrystals? I've never managed to find any that get past the sorting.
09/17/14 09:57 am London Time
Yes, a few. I also have a side story I work on from time to time where Harry is in Hufflepuff as part of the main plot. It would be nice to have a tag for them :)
09/17/14 07:38 am London Time
watercrystals, do you know of any Hufflepuff!Harry stories?
09/17/14 04:19 am London Time
I also had my driving test yesterday but my nerves got the better of me :( Turning to my writing for comfort. Writing is such a saviour for me, I swear. I don't know what I'd be without it
09/17/14 04:16 am London Time
Why are there tags for Slytherin!Harry and Ravenclaw!Harry but not for Hufflepuff!Harry? I think there should be.
09/15/14 11:52 pm London Time
Thank you Lyzasnape. You too.
09/15/14 07:11 pm London Time
You are not alone in your hatred of Mondays! Hope your day is going well despite it :)
09/15/14 10:52 am London Time
Good Morning everyone. Yuck. Hate Mondays. :( well have a good day everyone.
Con Moto
09/15/14 04:07 am London Time
Best of luck with the quilting!
Con Moto
09/15/14 04:06 am London Time
Wow that's so awesome shadow!! I would love to knit an afghan but I'm so impatient haha I would never get it done :P your one sounds so cosy and lovely :)
Con Moto
09/15/14 04:04 am London Time
Yeah shadow it really does take a while to get thru everything. We finish before exams so we get our own time for revision. It's sucks coz my exams are spaced out over 3 weeks
Mellow Moon
09/15/14 03:55 am London Time
Sounds like shadow just likes to be cozy.
09/15/14 02:47 am London Time
*ponders obsession for warm afghans, blankets, quilts* Last winter I had 8 blankets on sofa-- cats took over 7&half blankets, leaving me 1/2 blanket...
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