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Wow, rosina! On our shortest afternoon of the year, the sun goes down at 5:02pm, & we have usable daylight till 5:30. Dark at 4 is unreal! *shudders*
12/21/14 12:32 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Me too. Its nearly dark outside already at 4 o'clock.
12/21/14 10:59 am [Delete] [Edit]

Happy Solstice!!! Tomorrow, the days start getting longer! (Um... at least for those of us North of the Equator.) I want SPRING!!! :-D
12/21/14 10:51 am [Delete] [Edit]

Happy Saturday everyone.
12/20/14 12:03 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Whoa, loads of new stories :) Good job everyone! I have a new update out in NAWAL and one pending for Abie's awesome new challenge. Hope everyone's holiday preparation is going well.
12/20/14 12:00 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Believe me, I saw it coming. Safely ensconced with family for the time being :)
12/20/14 01:03 am [Delete] [Edit]

Yeah, glad you're ok Wands! Eek.
12/20/14 12:54 am [Delete] [Edit]

Omg!! Yes, thank God you are safe.
12/19/14 10:41 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Oh wow! Glad you're doing well though Wands!
12/19/14 07:51 pm [Delete] [Edit]

As such, my landlord was gracious enough to release me from the apartment agreements.
12/19/14 06:58 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Well, "Experience" is a somewhat mild term for it. As i Understand it, the building was torched not long after I left.
12/19/14 06:58 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Wow,Wands! Glad you're okay! But that must have been quite an experience... I'm sure you have a lot of material you could write about someday, some way.
12/19/14 10:38 am [Delete] [Edit]

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