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i hate micro usb. Just buy a new usb connector, you can get them for as cheap as like $5 and they work fine. I got mine for $3.
11/20/14 02:21 am [Delete] [Edit]

When I say squeeze the sides, that is squeeze the metal sides of the metal on the micro end.
11/20/14 01:33 am [Delete] [Edit]

Shadow, the same issue happens with the micro usb charger on Kindle Fire. Take needle nose pliers and gently squeeze on the sides until the top pops up slightly. Now it should stay in place.
11/20/14 01:33 am [Delete] [Edit]

My detachable-tip (micro USB) cell phone charger won't work now unless I literally HOLD it together so the electricity gets all the way to the phone. Sigh.
11/19/14 11:43 pm [Delete] [Edit]

No snow yet. How We Fall is updated again! 2x one day, and with some excitement for Harry and Severus.
11/19/14 11:18 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Anyone here had snow already?
11/19/14 11:11 pm [Delete] [Edit]

I've been listening to Christmas music the last few days. Mainly the Trans Siberian Orchestra via CD or YouTube.
11/19/14 05:57 pm [Delete] [Edit]

How We Fall is updated!
11/19/14 05:50 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Yeah, finally done my term paper so I can work on updating! :D Feels like it's been ages!
11/19/14 03:00 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Just posted the next installment of the "love is..." series, hope you guys read and comment!
11/19/14 01:27 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Good afternoon everyone! Hope you are all staying warm! :)
11/19/14 12:00 pm [Delete] [Edit]

I'm so tired, no writing tonight, it's bed time for me!
11/18/14 10:53 pm [Delete] [Edit]

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