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Are we still having movie night tonight? Hope so! Bought all the goodies for it!
08/16/14 02:00 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Hi everyone. Hi JA. So happy for you! Awesome story, Proud of both you and Abie, and of course all the other fine writers.
08/16/14 02:00 pm [Delete] [Edit]

08/15/14 11:48 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Okay .
08/15/14 10:27 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Pan, check out yahoo messenger...
08/15/14 09:08 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Hi everyone. Hope you are having a good day, or evening, or morning. lol As the case may be.
08/15/14 08:18 pm [Delete] [Edit]

paganaidd:I'm glad that you said that abt the Genie qoute, I felt the same
08/15/14 08:08 pm [Delete] [Edit]

YAY! Good job!
08/14/14 09:50 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Wooo! Congrats to the both of you! *high fives!*
08/14/14 08:26 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Congratulations to JA as well, of course. I love basically all of your stories! :)
08/14/14 05:03 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Congratulations Abie, you deserve it! It's definitely one of my favorite stories. :)
08/14/14 05:02 pm [Delete] [Edit]

I agree, Paganaidd. Also, congrats to Abie and JA!! And yay for a prompt fest!!!
08/14/14 02:34 pm [Delete] [Edit]

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