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Summary: Write a tale in which Snape, Lupin, Harry, and Draco come to be a family in some way. Obviously, some responses to this challenge will be slash (however, this is not necessary).


~For some reason, Snape, Lupin, Harry, and Draco have to pose as a family. Likely none of them are entirely pleased about this. (Think: We're the Millers)
~Snape and Lupin team together platonically to look after the boys in some way
~Snape, Lupin, Harry, and Draco all find themselves in a situation where they are siblings in some capacity
~Molly Weasley/another Order member/Hogwarts staff has decided that Snape has been alone quite long enough and knows the perfect person for him. (Alternatively, he/she/they have tired of seeing Lupin alone, so forth, yada)
~Harry and Draco decide to team up to unite their parent figures/mentors/guardians/favorite professors (Think: The Parent Trap)
~Harry and/or Draco finds himself in charge of two de-aged professors; the other insists on helping for whatever reason
~Any other scenario you can think of (I could go on for some while, so it's really best I stop, now...)

Note: Not everyone need be an official part of the immediate family to satisfy this challenge

Summary: Choose a minor character from canon to play an important role in a story. Flesh this character out, or even recreate them - just utilize one of the many canon characters who are so very often neglected or overlooked and have him/her serve as one of the leading cast beside Harry and Snape.
Summary: Harry asks for something for his birthday. Snape: "I distinctly remember. Your birthday was last year." Harry: "That's the funny thing about birthdays. They're kind of an annual thing."
Summary: Severus and Dobby know each other well because of the former's association with the Malfoys. Some point at Hogwarts, Harry is witness to an exchange between the two of them.

Must haves:
- Severus is acting childishly. (Not crack!fic style, I mean, just at the immature end of the Snape behaviour spectrum.)
- Dobby takes charge of the situation.
- Harry is amused. At least at first.

Can have:
- Dobby ticking off Harry as well.

Can't have:
- House-elf torture (references to the Malfoys are okay). Be nice to Dobby!
- Slash
- Manipulative/uncaring/not-very-nice!Dumbledore
- Character bashing
Summary: What if Voldemort’s most loyal supporters—the Lestranges and Crouch Jr—had never been caught?

Must have:
- At least one of the above characters plotting to bring back Voldemort.
- The plan involves Harry.
- Set pre-Hogwarts.
- If kidnapping, a realistic way of getting around the wards.
- Severus obviously interrupts/gets wind of/stumbles in on the plan somehow …

Can’t have:
- Slash
- Character bashing
- Manipulative/uncaring/not-very-nice!Dumbledore
Summary: Harry has been raised to speak multiple languages. Who, what, how, where and why for the author to decide.
Summary: Harry is mistakenly believed to be dead, some years before Hogwarts. How and why are up to you. With the Boy Who Lived—and more importantly, Lily’s only child—supposedly out of the picture, Severus has been struggling to carry on. Until Harry turns up alive, shortly before he is due to begin Hogwarts.

Must haves:
- Depressed!Snape at the very least.
- A reasonable reaction to Harry being alive—no jumping straight into canon!Snape.
- A realistic explanation for Harry being alive without the wizarding world aware of it
- At some point, Harry discovers (through any means) just how much his ‘death’ affected Severus.

Can haves:
- Preferably a good relationship with Severus from the beginning
- Muggle (not Dursley)-raised Harry
- Mentor Severus, either voluntarily or out of necessity
- Harry spending some time at Hogwarts prior to the start of term

Can’t haves:
- Harry having a perfect childhood—he can have a nice family by all means, but angst too, please.
- Horcruxes
- Slash
- Character bashing
- Manipulative/uncaring/not-very-nice!Dumbledore
Summary: The Ministry of Magic has started a new system for informing muggleborns and muggle-raised children to enter the Wizarding World. To make the transition easier for the child and family they inform them at their 10th birthday instead if the 11th. In the intermediate year the parents and children can learn about the Wizarding World, they get a special mentor to introduce them and answer their questions and they get to visit Hogwarts once before school starts and get a peek into every school department.

Your challenge: Have a field day with this :D

If you need a little more of an idea, here a few starters
A) Harry is in his first year when this is started. Every teacher chooses one first year (best of class usually) to assist him/her with explaining to the ten-year-olds about their subject. Harry wants to assist with Defense and Quirrel wants to get him alone. Dumbledore intervenes and orders Snape, who is the only one, who hasn't chosen a student yet, to make Harry his assistant in potions. Unhappy, both of them need to work together to make a presentation for the kids and their parents.

B) Harry gets his letter a year earlier but in the same way. Hagrid accompanies him to Hogwarts instead of the Dursleys, who are happy to be rid of him, even if its only for a day/weekend. Harry is the only one there without a parent and feels bad for it, because Hagrid only brings him to Hogwarts and doesn't follow him around for the tour. Snape realizes that something must be wrong with Harry (his appearance, being alone etc.) and tells Dumbledore he will escort him back home. He keeps Harry longer than the other children and they have a conversation. extra bonus: the children are supposed to bring a gift from the muggle world (no electronics) and Harry brings Snape's favorite Ben&Jerrys ice cream flavor :D

C) Snape is required to be one of the mentors for the children and their familys. As he works full time and only has time during the holidays, he gets Harry and his family to mentor (because Harrys birthday is in the holidays). When he makes contact with them he realizes that something is wrong. He finds a way to secretly stay in contact with him and smuggles him into Hogwarts for presentation day/weekend and then back home. He then takes Harry shopping the next year for school as well.

Bonus: Include problems of other muggleborns such as
  • plans to go to other schools (prestige high class private schools or sending them to another magical school abroad)
  • children with special talents (ballerinas, pianists, athletes etc), who would usually go to a special school that trains them in that field as well
  • parents who struggle with their child being magical and don't want him/her to attend Hogwarts
  • parents who don't want to send their child to a boarding school
  • a parent who realizes that there is discrimination against muggleborns and doesn't want their child to deal with this (this would be especially interesting if that person knows about discrimination first hand, e.g. he/she is an immigrant, gay, from a minority etc.)
  • please let at least one person make the decision not to send their child to Hogwarts and make it plausible
  • Summary: Remember in Snape's memories, when Dumbledore says "Sometimes I think we sort too soon."? What if Dumbledore had acted on this and decided that the sorting ceremony would be mandatory for every class every year? Meaning that you could change your house every year if your personality changes enough and that you could (theoretically) visit all houses during your school career. The plan is to accommodate changes in character, lessen house rivalry and give heads of house the chance to bond with different children and possible aid them in a way a colleague could not.

  • even though this is now possible - please make it a seldom occurance! People are resorted but only if there was a major change in their character, maybe based on some trauma or if they were sorted into a house of their own wish (like harry) but don't really fit in there
  • even though house rivalry in general is lessened, another type of discrimination develops: people who stay in the same house for several years tend to feel that they represent their house and are superior to "house hoppers" (house hoppers tend to be seen as mentally unstable by them)
  • Harry changes his house after going to Gryffindor in his first year (preferably to Slytherin) - you decide the timing for this (year 2-6) and how long the new system is in place for
  • other characters that seemed to be "ill fit" in their house change house as well (e.g. hermione, neville etc.)
  • slytherins who change house are generally discriminated against in their new house
  • new entrys into slytherin house are generally isolated in the beginning and have to "prove" themselves first to their new house mates. They usually try to find another house hopper or associate with their old friends at first.
  • there are more inter house friendships
  • Snape struggles with new students from other houses in general and especially if Harry is one of them
  • through Harry's change of house, Snape has to reevaluate his opinion of him
  • Harry sees the house system and houses in a different, more balanced way. He realized Gryffindor's faults and is influenced to the better by his new house. He tries to reconcile his old friends and new acquaintances

  • heads of house can be resorted every year as well
  • one out of the group of people who have stayed in one house for a long time suddenly changes house and has changed a lot. Harry or Severus take an interest and try to find out what happened to that person (you can use Draco for this but I would prefer a new supporting character. Draco is a bit overused). Make the old house feel betrayed by him and bully him
  • Snape convinced the hat to put him in Slytherin, not Gryffindor, when he was a first year. he partly regrets that decision because it divided him from lily and was the first step towards becoming a death eater. on the other hand he now sees himself as a Slytherin and wouldn't change it for the world. Have this come up in conversation with Harry and compare it to his own story of convincing the hat.
  • Snape could decide that new entrys into Slytherin house may be an indicator of trauma (as mentioned above) and have them evaluated by Pomfrey for physical/sexual/emotional abuse.
  • Summary: What if Snape took Neville as his ward/child sometime before Hogwarts age. They go through the typical bonding stage that we see with Harry&Snape in Severitus normally. Once Harry comes to Hogwarts he befriends Neville, who is bullied because he is a teacher's son/ward. Neville and Harry get close to each other, Snape sees him often and gets to know him. Snape realizes that Harry is abused (emotional, physical, sexual - all of it? You choose - go down the dark path, if you want, but make it realistic) and offers to take him until his situation is resolved. Harry wishes to stay with Snape and Neville - but will it happen?

  • Neville does not have to be in Gryffindor, maybe he is even sorted into Slytherin to please Snape? Personally I think Hufflepuff would suit him well.
  • You can make it so that Neville's gran dies and Snape was friends with the Longbottoms or Neville's godfather. Or find any other way to get her out of the picture. Don't make her abuse Neville in any way! Neglect (non-intentional) would be passable though
  • Snape must have been a small part of Neville's life before he takes him (maybe his tutor?) and must have been the one to realize his gran is unfit to care for him if you don't kill her
  • Neville's Great Uncle Algy is deemed unfit to care for Neville (alcoholic, poor, ill, unsettled? You choose)
  • Neville must have been of an age, when he was taken in, that he still remembers his gran and great uncle
  • Neville and Snape are not yet 100% comfortable with each other, even though they are a family
  • When Snape decides to take Harry in temporarily, Neville must be worrying about loosing Snape and if Harry stays permanently, he must show signs of jealousy
  • Snape must deal with two very different children with very different backgrounds, so make him struggle!
  • all pairings allowed, but please don't make this story revolve around romance - the main part should be Sev's relationship with the boys
  • you can make Harry Snape's biological son if you wish, it is not mandatory
  • Summary: A shocking memory has been secreted away into somebody's pensieve. Whose memory is it and what does it contain? More importantly, how is it that this one memory alters everything for a certain Potions Master and the unwitting hero of the Wizarding World?
    A simple twist on the kidnapped-baby-Harry plot. Snape and Harry find out they're brothers, but Tobias a/o Eileen don't want now teenage Harry.

    Use any twist you want:
      - whatever changed Harry's appearance is permanent and they can't get past it.
      - Harry's either Tobias or Eileen's love child and the other parent doesn't want him, causing fights between them.
      - only one's alive and he's the child of the other.

    All that's required is that Snape takes Harry in even though their parents don't want him.

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