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Summary: Harry is knocked down the stairs by Dudley and is badly injured was it an accident or not? Will Dumbledore finally see what Harry goes through with the Dursleys? and why would he place him with Snape?
Summary: When Snape finds Harry in his pensieve he is so furious he issues a punishment immediately (preferably corporal punishment:show the different emotions). Then Harry blurts something out that makes Snape stop. This leads to a small talk. It continues with Harry asking Snape to continue the lessons. Snape's response should be your decision.

I want to see a story where Harry comes to Hogwarts and is sorted into either Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff, not Gryffindor or Slytherin.

As you all know, Ravenclaw students are characterised by their wit, learning, and wisdom, while Hufflepuff values hard work, patience, loyalty, and fair play. It is up to you how you make those traits a part of Harry's personality. Perhaps it is his curiosity that makes him fit for Ravenclaw? Or maybe his loyalty towards his friends make him a good Hufflepuff?

If you choose to put him in Ravenclaw, please don't make it solely because he used to be bullied by Dudley and hid out at the school Library. I feel like that has been done already. Similarly if he is abused by the Dursleys, please don't make it too severe. Some is ok but don't make the poor guy drag himself to school with broken bones, bleeding wounds all over his body and a killer headache, ok?

Things you might want to include:

How do people react when their hero is not in Gryffindor?

How does Snape react when Potter is in fact not a carbon copy of his father? Does he still resent the boy, or does he see that there is more than that to him?

What friends does he have? The same as in canon, or new charachters?

Do Draco and Harry have classes together anyway? How about flying? Is their rivalry as pronounced as it is in the book, or are they more of two guys who just don't get along very well but don't see much of each other anyway?

Summary: During Occlumency, Snape finds the memory of Aunt Marge calling Lily a female dog and is furious. Whether or not he shows that anger to Harry is up to you. However, that summer, Harry has to spend the first week with Aunt Marge and, who should show up at her doorstep, asking for a word, but Professor Snape!
Summary: Snape apparates somewhere with Harry coming side-along. They apparate through a previously unknown set of wards that changes one or both of them physically (i.e. de-aged, turned into an animal, changed gender, etc.). Writer's choice what the change is. Inspired by my favorite theme in Star Trek stories - the transporter malfunction.
Summary: Harry Potter would finally be going to Hogwarts. But he's alittle different Required: -Harry has to be autistic -Wizardly world can't know what Autism is -Harry must be abused -Severus must be nice -Must be in first year Double Bonus: -Harry is low functioning autistic -Bashing on Ron and Hermione

At the end of OotP, when Harry seems like he's giving up after Sirius' death, Dumbledore gives him hope. He gives Harry a letter written by his Mum, in which she tells him that Severus Snape is his biological father.


  • Harry can't tell Snape that they're father and son. Though Harry tries to build a friendship or pseudo-paternal relationship with Snape during his sixth year.
  • When Harry gets the memories from Snape, during the final battle, he sees a memory where Snape and portrait-Dumbledore are arguing. In it, Dumbledore tells Snape that he lied to Harry, making him think that Snape was his biological father.
  • Snape survives the battle, and now he and Harry must figure out how to deal with Dumbledore's lie.


  • Harry can tell Hermione and Ron.
  • Harry could tell his Aunt, for some comic relief reaction.
  • Harry could tell Remus, as well. Though that would be messy.


  • Snape cannot be a jerk, or instantly nice. Remember, he knows NOTHING (until it is too late).
  • Dumbledore is not evil, he genuinely thought he was doing something good for Harry.
Summary: Severus Snape reluctantly goes to St. Mungo's on Albus' orders and finds that he has a disability (what it is is up to you, but please make sure to thoroughly research it and write it with respect). A part time nanny is hired to take care of little Harry after Severus reacts....badly to the news. Little Harry decides to meddle when he fears they're getting too close.

We always read stories about Harry becoming a magical creature. But what if it was the sour Potions Master who is one?


  • Snape should have creature physical features, but still be able to use hands with opposed thumbs. (Pointed ears, tail, wings, fur, fangs, claws, or anything you can think of. - At least one, but not more than three features!)
  • Aside from physical features, he should have one or two (but no more) abilities. (Superhuman strength, heightened senses, speaking with animals, breathing underwater, mind-control, etc.)
  • Whatever species or half-species he is, must not have some complex society or anything that deviates too much from canon (think Remus and the werewolves, and Rowling didn't make them too complex).
  • People, with the exception of Dumbledore and - in the past - Lily, are very hateful towards Snape.
  • Voldemort finds Snape to be a disgusting, but useful addition to his ranks.


Snape's Hogwarts years can be different from canon.

Snape and Remus can be friends or allies.

How does Snape's status as a "half-breed" affect the story? How does it affect him and Harry?

If this is Severitus/Sevitus, does Harry inherit Snape's creature-ness? (Yes, it can be a Father fic!)


  • Snape's parents are still Tobias and Eileen.
  • No Snape in a slash relationship.
  • No Snape with a student relationship.
  • No overly nice Snape.
  • No overly timid Harry. (Especially if this takes place in OotP.)
Summary: Professor Severus Snape is also a talented artist. As is Harry. Somehow these two discover each other's talents. How do they react to each other?

Summary: Severus has to use his original (Yorkshire?) accent for some reason.

~ Severus uses it to protect Harry in some way
~ The use of the accent can be for a prolonged period or a short amount of time.

Summary: Send Harry to another school... any other school, Muggle or magic. It's your choice and it doesn't have to be a central part of the story, but it would be nice to see Harry at other places now and again.

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