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Summary: What if Voldemort’s most loyal supporters—the Lestranges and Crouch Jr—had never been caught?

Must have:
- At least one of the above characters plotting to bring back Voldemort.
- The plan involves Harry.
- Set pre-Hogwarts.
- If kidnapping, a realistic way of getting around the wards.
- Severus obviously interrupts/gets wind of/stumbles in on the plan somehow …

Can’t have:
- Slash
- Character bashing
- Manipulative/uncaring/not-very-nice!Dumbledore
Summary: Severus is made into Harry's slave by some means. Doesn't mean he has to accept it.
Summary: I would like for someone to write a story with Harry and Severus are brothers. You decide how they find out they are brothers and what age at which Harry is. I would like Harry to eventually go out with Oliver Wood it is not needed.
Summary: Post-war AU. Dumbledore and Snape never died. Harry defeated the Dark Lord, but some death eaters are still on the loose and they want Harry, as well as Snape for his treachery against Voldemort. As a way of protecting them, giving them a break from fighting, and giving one of his boys a better childhood, Dumbledore sends them into hiding with another order member, with either Snape or Harry de-aged to better disguise them. Which one is de-aged and to what age is up to the you, as is where they end up going. A crossover is cool if you want to write one, but not necessary. Optional variation: both are de-aged and the order member is their new guardian. The preferred order member is Kingsley Shacklebolt, but any one will do. Must have at least one use of the 'thumb of comfort' (If anyone wants to know what this is, message me in the shoutbox).
Summary: In Harry's 1st year harry finds out he was stolen from his real parents his brother happens to be Lucius Malfoy the parents are still alive harry real name is different the potter's are alive with two older children the potter's treat harry with love harry stays with Severus while the courts case is on. the potter's eldest is the boy who lived harry at first is in Grifindore who most turn on him except for Ginny,the Weasley twins,Neville,and his adopted brother and sister so he is resorted end up in slytherin harry is really a girl descised as a boy by the person who stole her and the potters adopted her from a magical orphanage/children's home
Summary: In which Snape and Harry bond and find common ground over a hobby or interest they discover they share. Could be anything: reading, horseback riding, tattoos, flying, stargazing, painting or drawing, for example. What the hobby/interest is and when the story takes place is the writer's choice.
Summary: Harry Potter brings Severus Snape back from the dead. Why? For what purpose? How? Is Snape grateful or angry? Does he have a hard time coping with it, or does he move on? Does Harry have to take care of him after he comes back, or does Snape even need taking care of? Has Harry brought the man back to pay a debt, because he loves him, to help him with a problem, for some other reason, or just because?

Ideas (not required)

- Some of the story takes place somewhere other than Hogwarts (ie Hogsmeade, Diagonalley, London, Ministry of Magic, or other)
- They are somehow related (you decide if they knew it or not)
- Harry takes care of Snape
- Snape takes care of Harry
- They are somehow tied together because of whatever Harry did to bring Snape back (this may be a foreseen or unforeseen consequence).
- Snape is pissed because he was pulled away from Lily.
- Snape was sent back because they knew he had more work to do.

THE ONLY REQUIREMENT FOR THIS CHALLENGE: There must be NO flashbacks. I don't want to read a chapter from Harry's point of view and then read the same scene from Snape's point of view. I also don't want to see any of this: **FLASHBACK** If there must be a flashback, do it tastefully.
Summary: Harry has been raising a deaged Severus and is attempting to teach Severus all the things he (Harry)likes to do; i.e. Quidditch and flying. However, despite multiple attempts Harry cannot convince Severus to like these things.


- Severus can be deathly afraid of heights
- Severus can dislike brooms
- Severus can have his memories
- Harry attempts to force Severus to play Quidditch.

Summary: Harry does something and now everyone is bullying him. They use baby talk to bully him. The bullying may go past that, to them physically treating him like a baby, giving him baby bottles or jars of baby food. What will happen?

  • Abusive Dursley.
  • Kind and misunderstood Severus.
  • Timed and shy Harry.
  • 1st, 2nd or 3rd year Harry.

  • Bashing on anyone but the twins, Neville, or Severus.
  • Harry is suicidal.
  • Harry trying to keep the bullying and his abuse a secret from the adults.
Summary: The one event that's not covered in History of Magic comes to Hogwarts- the Black Death. Who will die, who will be scared, who will lose everything close to them? How does this affect Muggleborns who know about it?

Accurate portrayal of the Black Death
Hermione involved
Voldemort affected in some way
Snape and Harry interaction
Snape not liking Harry until Harry's infected and Snape has to spend time with him
Fudge getting kicked out

Enjoy and I look forward to seeing your responses.

There have been a lot of evil!stepdad!Snape stories as of late, and for once I'd like to read one where Snape is In Character.


  • Harry is around 4-6 years old when his mum begins dating Mr. Snape, who reluctantly becomes his stepdad.
  • Harry's dad, James, has a lot of money and fame, and this Lily knows will awe little Harry, and keep him from knowing Snape better.
  • Lily helps Snape work through his issues from childhood and how to be a better role model for Harry.


  • While traumatic experiences are nice plot-devices, I'd rather those be avoided.
  • The rest of the story, the main plot and whatnot, are up to you!


  • James must be alive, but not a jerk.
  • Snape is not a child abuser. (He can be a little unfair, or expect things from Harry that are not on par with his age, but not the rabid, foaming at the mouth Snape that has become so popular, lately.)
  • Lily must be in character: that means, having more than one dimension, and a backbone.
Summary: Lily and Severus were best friends through their childhoods and Severus was abused by his father. Statistically, approximately 10% of abused children become child abusers themselves. Canonically, we know pretty much where Severus stands in regards to that. What if Lily left custody of Harry to Severus before the Dursleys and it turned out to be a terrible idea? What if Severus's deplorable treatment of Harry went a little further? Bonus points if, for once, Petunia and Vernon are at the opposite end of the spectrum and try to actually take care of Harry and take him away from Severus.

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