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Summary: pairings: Neville/Snape NO SLASH!! Father/Son .Snape Adopts Neville Summary: After Lupin's class where Neville Boggart turns into Severus Snape everyone laughs it off as childish fear, everyone but Snape. He slowly realizes that there is is more to Neville fear than just a mean teacher. Neville is emotionally and physically abused at home by his grandmother and his uncles . Something Snape decides to put a stop to. This leads him to have a different of Harry as well rescuing from the durselys Other Details Not much is known about Neville parents or their friends this could be included into the story. Maybe one of Neville parents is somehow connected to Snape ( ei life debt,childhood friend,distant relative) Neville can paired with anyone you choose male or female as long its not Snape
A simple twist on the kidnapped-baby-Harry plot. Snape and Harry find out they're brothers, but Tobias a/o Eileen don't want now teenage Harry.

Use any twist you want:
    - whatever changed Harry's appearance is permanent and they can't get past it.
    - Harry's either Tobias or Eileen's love child and the other parent doesn't want him, causing fights between them.
    - only one's alive and he's the child of the other.

All that's required is that Snape takes Harry in even though their parents don't want him.
Summary: Snape decides to learn his animagus form at the same time as Harry.

Must: ~The two have the same animagus form, with Snape being older than Harry ~include bits of their physical appearance that convert to their animagus form. (Like, Harry keeps his green eyes, Snape his crooked nose, etc.) ~Be reasonable with the emotions, no easily-loving Snape or super-submissive Harry ~Hedwig recognizes them and helps them.

Optional: ~Harry is abused by the Dursleys, and Snape finds out ~They are trapped in their forms ~They TEMPORARILY lose their memory ~Animal instincts override human ones ~Snape adopts Harry
Summary: Snape survives Nagini's bite, but is laid up in the Hospital Wing for a while. Harry, meaning to help his savior out, makes sure the whole school knows that Snape was really a good guy. He leaves out the part about Lily, of course, but the whole being forced to do crimes for the greater good, having to kill his father/mentor figure, doing everything in his power to protect the students, etc. is fair game. Soon, Snape is the most popular teacher in the school. The girls (and even some of the guys) have a major crush because of the whole tragic hero angle. The whole student body wants to thank him for doing all he could to save them, despite them clearly hating him at the time. Meanwhile, Snape and Harry have things they need to talk about, but they just can't because there are so many visitors and well-wishers.
Summary: Write a story where everyone is a furry. Ron and Weasleys are Weasels. Hermione is a Beaver. Draco and Lucius are White ferrets. Now with Harry and Severus you get a choice. Severus can be a Panther, Kangaroo, or a Panda. Harry can be a Squirrel, Hyena, or a Dingo.

Required: Abusive Dursley.

*Feel free to bash but not on Harry or Severus
*De-aging of Harry: If deaged here are pictures of what he may look like.
  • Squirrel
  • Hyena
  • Dingo
Summary: Got this idea from a article about the hottest toy to return for 2012. Snape has adopted Harry due to abuse that Hermione uncovered. Christmas comes and Dumbledore gives Harry a present that drives Snape crazy, a Furby. How you write this story is totally up to you but have fun.
Summary: "It seems Mr. Potter, that you believe that one can just wave their wand and everything will be fixed. That is not how the world works. All actions have consequences. Now you, for once, will have to feel the full extent of those consequences."

Summary: The Dursley's take Harry camping on his fourth birthday, only to conveniently forget to make sure that he stayed near the camp. Dudley followed Harry to bully him, but both boys vanish. Seven years later the boys are both sorted into Slytherin. How will Severus deal with two wizardlings who have been missing for seven years?
    Must have:
  1. Dudley is Harry's protector
  2. The boys ask Hogwarts to make them a separate room from the others, one that reflects the forest scenery they grew up with.
  3. Severus has to find out about them before fifth year
  4. Introduce who raised them (extra points if it's not a normal animal)
  5. There must be a prophecy involving Harry and Dudley concerning the saving of the forests and creatures being threatened by Muggle and Wizard alike
    1. Dudley and Harry develop more than cousinly feelings for each other, displaying in gentle touches between the two.
    2. Tell what happened to the Dursley's after Harry is no longer there to keep the wards up.
Summary: Snape did not hate Harry for being James Potter's son, because as Lily's best friend, he was one of the few that knew Harry was adopted. He tells Harry, and when both have recovered after the war he helps Harry find his biological family. Possible crossovers: 1. Criminal Minds - Harry was given up by teenage Hotch and Haley who weren't ready to be parents. Story can take place anytime after Haley's death. 2. NCIS - a.) Tim's (or Tony's) ex from years ago had Harry and gave him up without telling him she was pregnant. OR b.) Sarah wasn't Tim's only sibling; he also had a younger brother who was kidnapped as a baby. In the process of looking for his family, they discover Harry's adoption was illegal (unbeknownst to James and Lily) and track down the McGees. Musts for both options: Team has a family dynamic, and gen only for NCIS - no romance between team members. 3. Castle - Rick Castle's ex-wife (not Alexis' mom) left him and didn't find out she was pregnant til afterward. She was angry with Castle, and since she didn't want kids anyway, she gave up Harry without telling him about the pregnancy. Bonus points if Martha knows something and doesn't say anything either. 4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Rupert Giles committed a few indiscretions in his youth, one of which (unbeknownst to him) resulted in a child. His father found out, however. He was determined that nothing affect his son's future as a Watcher, and so he used his considerable influence to take care of things quickly and quietly. 5. Charmed - Harry is Paige's twin brother. Musts: - Romance is optional, but no Harry/Draco and no Harry/Ginny. - Minimal angst, except for typical teenage stuff.
Summary: Harry discovers that the Weasleys are hiding something from him. He asks Hermione to help him and what they discover will change both their lives forever.
Summary: write a fic based on the peter Gabriel song Father,son. extra house points if you include the lyrics of the song.
Summary: Inspired by all of those stories where Harry is severely abused but either nobody notices, or he tells and then isn't believed. In this one, a teacher/ school nurse/ neighbor notices Harry's poor condition, and the abuse (please don't make it too extensive) is revealed. Harry is removed from the Dursleys, they're arrested, and Harry ends up adopted by a nice Muggle family (possibly even changing his last name). Because his new family doesn't have a problem with Harry's magic, Hagrid doesn't take him to Diagon (and he probably goes at a different time, therefore not meeting Draco), Harry's far more confident in himself, etc. Up to you whether Dumbledore and the others realize that Harry is in fact Harry Potter, or if Harry's thought to be a muggleborn. I would like it if Harry's Sorted into a different House. Up to you how Harry and Severus interact; maybe they discover that Severus is Harry's father, but Harry doesn't want to leave his foster family. The foster family can be complete OC's, or the family of one of the canon muggleborns.

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