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Summary: Either Harry or Severus gets stuck in a "grounding spell" or "child containment" spell. What exactly that means, how they got there, how the other one fits in, and how long it lasts is up to you, but it should last at least a couple days - enough time for some good laughs and fun!

Some ideas on the spell itself (you may use other ideas if you think of them, or variations):
-on a magical leash/harness (like you see little kids on sometimes), and can't walk anywhere without someone holding the leash
-stuck within 20 feet of someone at all times - perhaps it must be someone they know/not a stranger, or perhaps the someone can be switched somehow, but it should not just be one person always. Maybe it's two designated people?
-has to be touching someone to walk, otherwise legs are stuck together like a leg locker curse
-can't open any doors or cabinets, etc, can't pick up any object not directly given to them recently, can't turn anything on

Some ideas on how it got there (again, you may use others):
-Malfoy and Harry dueling - could hit Harry or rebound onto Snape
-the Dark Lord discovers Snape is a spy and puts it on him as part of his torture/to contain him during torture, but then he is rescued. Perhaps it is permanent or lasts indefinitely in this case

Some other thoughts:
-perhaps put in an "except in emergencies" clause - could be reasonable that such a spell would allow the kid to run if the house were on fire, for example. Does the emergencies clause allow them to defend themselves/duel?

For the most part, take this as you will! The point is to see some funny moments, probably some humiliation. Have fun!
Summary: Harry is sent to the Dursleys who accept him into the family and treat him like a son. They learn that Severus Snape is Harry's father.

Must have: Good Malfoys. Good Snape and Snape's father Tobias Snape good as well.
Summary: Write a story, the main theme is up to your choosing, in which the gender of every character is switched to their opposite! example: Harry into Harriet Severus into Severa (may change names to suit your purposes of course) BONUS* If you make the gender-swapped characters so different that they belong to another house make it so this happened because of a spell gone awry. (think Ranma 1/2 if you've watched it before) For some unbelievable reason the Dursleys have to come to Hogwarts so Severus can have his sweet revenge on "Tuney" and her family because of their treatment of Harry, plus his own resentment. Remus and Sirius come back from a vacation and witness the chaos in Hogwarts MUST HAVE! Voldemort recently killed or was never brought to life in the first place Harry still seen as the boy who lived since that part did happen. Captured Pettigrew and if Sirius is alive, him to be free.

During HBP, in one of the many Voldemort Lessons with Dumbledore, the old man leaves Harry alone in his office.

Harry being Harry, accidentally brushes a lamp and a genie pops up. He (or she) tells Harry that he can make three wishes.

What will Harry wish for?

The story must somehow involve Snape.

You can either find inspiration from The Monkey's Paw (negative wishes), or Disney's Aladdin (positive wishes), or some in-between combination.

Summary: Harry and Snape grow close to each other and Snape must become either Harry's guardian or dad. But when Severus finally gains Harry's trust, Harry is taken and raped (or something equally horrible) and Snape has to save him and try to gain Harry's trust again.
Summary: In which Petunia did what she was supposed to do, and actually loved her nephew.

  1. Harry is in a different house.
  2. Vernon and Petunia are no longer married. She raises Harry on her own; loving him, but not spoiling him. The choice to include Dudley or not is up to you.
  3. Harry writes his aunt regarding Snape's behavior towards him, and she requests a meeting with him.

Interesting ideas, but not must-haves:
  1. Petunia is a witch.
  2. Petunia/Snape
Summary: Standard "Dumbledore locks Snape and Harry in a room until they get along." Problem is, Harry doesn't really like being locked in rooms. SNAPE TO THE RESCUE or something. Snape can be sympathetic or just mean when this happens, it's Up To You.
Summary: Severus is given a great gift by Voldemort in order to ensure his loyality.

~ Voldemort gives Severus either just Harry or both Harry and Lily (somehow either not dead or brought back to life)
~ Severus must convert Harry or both Lily and her son to the dark side
~ Harry resisting Severus, if Lily is involved author decides how she reacts
~ Harry must get better at his scholastic work (including potions
~ A "positive," or as positive as one can get, relationship between the three characters


~ Severus trying to change aspects of Harry's personality to make him less "James-like"
~ Severus starting off very evil towards Harry
~ If Harry gets up to a pairing age, please no Harry/Ginny!

Summary: Write a story (doesn't matter how long or short) where Harry's first child is born and severus is Harry's father, and the child's grandfather in some capacity. Snape can be Harry's father biologically, adopted, mentor ETc make it fun, it can be comedic, dramatic, fluffy...whatever MUSTs: Snape is harry's father in some capacity Sev's reaction to becoming a grandfather I.E: holding the baby for the first time. someone calls him grampy :)
Summary: Sixth year: Harry meets a girl who he thought to be Muggle, but in truth she is actually the "Power the Dark Lord Know's Not." Harry must help the girl break the bond Voldemort put on her so they can defeat him. To do this they must be in Severus Snape's care during the school year, much to their dislike.

Must have:
  • the girl must know Severus some way before she meets Harry and goes into his care
  • must include Draco some way- he becomes friends with Harry and the others, or he takes his Death Eater role to far, you choose.
  • the girl had a dark past
  • Harry and Severus must understand each other by the end
Can include:
  • the Maruaders
  • some form the order character death
Summary: Harry is in denial about inheriting Snape's greasy, lifeless hair. So he decides to gel it to make it look more Potter-like and sticky-uppy. Unfortunately, he does not own any gel, nor does he know any magic that would help. So, in a particularly extreme fit of denial, he makes one up: Gelato. It fails and ice cream squirts out from his wand onto his hair. Snape walks in. Dumbledore finds out and the spell is his new favourite.
Summary: Harry Potter comes to Hogwarts just like his father, spoiled, arrogant, and self-centered. Severus Snape is the only professor who can see him for who he really is...but can Snape convince anyone else of that?

Must be set during first year
Options: Either Ron or Hermione comes around to Snape's side

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