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Summary: Tom Riddle aka Voldemort has kidnapped either Harry or Snape and is using a means of magic to steal the identity and masquerade as the individual at Hogwarts.
Summary: In the summer before their first year, every Hogwarts student living in the Muggle world is taken on a tour of the castle by one of the Professors. The prospective students are also tested to make sure they are magical and healthy. It is Snape's turn when Harry Potter's name comes up.

The tour may be for one day, or for a weekend.
Summary: After the war Harry's life is out of control, whether he wants to admit it or not. Snape is sent or brought from the dead to get Harry's life back in control. It's your choice who summons Snape or decides to bring Snape back.
Summary: He's not crazy, but the Dursleys decide the best way to get rid of Harry is to commit him against his will to a psychiatric facility.
Summary: Harry is depressed and standing in a graveyard at night before or during 5th year. Who should spy him but Snape? He notices Harry is wearing nasty ragged shoes. What happens? How long is the story? You decide, it's all up to you. NO SLASH.
Summary: Snape is patrolling the corridors and catches Harry (with possibly another person) in a funny/strange/compromising situation. When he demands Harry tell how he arrived at his current circumstances, Harry starts his explanation with "Well, it's kind of a funny story".
Summary: A story about a more immature Harry than canon. Harry has been bullied by his cousin, molested by his uncle, and his aunt beats him. When he goes to Hogwarts he is broken, he is immature and childish, but sweet and cute. He is put in Slytherin and Severus sees Harry is more like his mother.
Summary: It starts off as the usual Snape discovers that Harry is his son in first or second year and forces a protesting Dumbledore to remove Harry from the Dursley's to his custody and all of his Gryffindor friends drop him and the Slytherins don't know what to make of him. However during sixth year Dumbledore is killed and Snape/Harry discovers that Dumbledore manipulated them and Harry is not his son, how the Potion's master let his heart or anger deal with the boy? How will his ex-friends react?
Summary: Harry discovers that Severus loved and loves Lily. His mother urges him to help Severus open up and be nicer. Only Severus isn't interested.


- The last part of the story must include the line:

"You had no right to do that to me Potter!" Snape snarled. "If you think I am going to thank you, you are as delusional as your father and mother combined!"


Regulus Black raises Harry.

Regulus Black survived his betrayal of Voldemort and secretely reconciled with Sirius shortly before Voldemort's fall. After Sirius is arrested, Regulus is unable to help him; however because Sirius sees Harry as family, Regulus takes him and illegally raises him as his son. How does that change the relationship of Harry and Snape?


Most important - don't twist the characters. That means that Draco Malfoy (at least at eleven) is still petty and arrogant, Ron is NOT stupid and an utter jerk, Dumbledore is not a Dark wizard in disguise, Lucius Malfoy is a Death Eater, Sirius is not a maniac and Snape is not a misunderstood, gentle soft-hearted man. Harry can be sorted to any house, raised under his true or a made-up name, with or without the knowledge of his realy identity, that's up to you. Harry and Snape don't know each other before Harry comes to Hogwards.

Harry isn't Snape's son.

Summary: After Sirius' death the Dursley's send Harry to a Mad House that slowing kills him inside and out; tearing his resolve, sanity and magic away with every experiment and beating. Can he be saved....?
  • Snape hires a classified Healer to help tend to Harry while he is busy spying -- Then Snape, Harry and the woman must form a agreeable family routine and be interrogated by the Ministry.
  • Harry is blood and magically adopted by Snape and his new Healer; thus the Ministry has trouble with trying to convict them of anything (led by Real!Moody.)
Summary: Harry gets to see more of Snape's past, traveling back into the past, or seeing Snape's memories. Your challenge: Use one or more of the photos I've linked to below to get inspired. Click on the images to see the larger versions.

Bonus if...
  • Harry gets to see Snape in his 20's with short hair as in one of the pics below where his hair is cut.
  • Harry figures out while he's in the past or while he's seeing the past that Snape is his father.
  • Harry helps Snape in the past in some way... perhaps he sees how much of a jerk James is and gets Snape and Lily together for a short while... where they end up conceiving Harry? He can have a part in this even if it's unintentional.
  • ...the story is more than 5 chapters long.

    The rest is up to you! Be creative though. I would love to see the familiar old places and some new ones, and perhaps something new in the fan-fiction universe. Yes, Snape joined the death eaters and yes he is in love with Lily, but try to put a spin on this that no one else has done yet!

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