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Summary: Seventh book when Snape put Godric Gryffindor's sword in the pond, it was really a trap. Snape's aim? To take Harry Potter back to Hogwarts, unwilling, unconscious, or any way he must.
Summary: Voldemort finds out that Harry is one of his Horcruxes. Now Voldemort wants Harry more than ever, but to keep safe.

When did voldemort find out? Did Snape tell him? Does Voldemort want Harry dead, or will Voldemort want Harry to turn to his side? Will Snape keep Harry from Voldemort, or deliver him?
Summary: Harry and Hermione are kidnapped by Snape, the Lestranges, the Malfoys, and.... Lily Evans.

Hermione must be a some type of (biological) relation of the middle two and Harry has to be a (relation) of Snape's. (I'd prefer brother with Lily as Snape's wife, but I'll take what I can get).

~ If the kids are old enough for relationships please no HP/GW or HG/RW

~ Kidnappers can be evil or good (Just opposite of Dumbledore's group)
~ Reason for kidnapping explained
~ If Dumbledore is the evil one, please include a good explanation of it.
Summary: Severus kidnaps and deages Harry during the Half Blood Prince. Author can use any justification he or she wants.

~ Harry is at Spinner's End when Bella and Narcissa come
~ Harry is only deaged to between 8 or 12
~ Dumbledore never finds out that Harry is deaged
~ Severus passes him off as a relation, he is a relation or Severus makes him a relation
~ Draco and Hermione getting along

~ Severus can be good or evil
~ Harry can be permanently deaged
~ Draco and/or Hermione both helping to deage Harry

Summary: Harry must keep something hidden from Snape. The words: "Believe it or not this used to be cool." MUST be used at some point.
Summary: Harry is terminally ill (your choice of the cause) and he entrusts a snitch of immense sentimental value to the one man he knows will not let it be lost, Severus Snape. The sentimental attachment and the method of transferring it to Snape are entirely up to the writer.

Harry’s friends kidnap him to save him from his relatives and Snape is one of the Order members looking for them, finally finding them in their refuge…

After Sirius’s death and the end of the fifth year, Harry is sent back to the Dursleys'. First they leave him alone because of the Order’s threats, but later when Dudley beats Harry severely and there is no retribution, they decide to show Harry precisely how much they "appreciate" the Dementor incident. They monitor all the letters Harry sends to his friends and the Order doesn’t bother to check on the situation personally. Harry is slowly reaching the end of his powers and finally after some hesitation, put a secret plead for help into his letter. Ron and the twins go to their parents and the rest of the Order and press on them to act, however the only result is that Molly sends Harry some food, which is immediately confiscated by the Dursleys'. After that, Vernon beats Harry even worse than before. When Ron recognizes three drops of blood in the corner of Harry’s next letter that Vernon and Harry had overlooked, he decides to act on his own as the adults clearly won’t help. Therefore, one night Ron, Hermione, possibly the twins, and some others (like Ginny, Neville or Luna) sneak into Privet Drive, take a badly battered Harry into a Muggle car and escape a Muggle way, never intercepted by the Order. The next morning the parents discover that the teens are gone, and Harry as well.

Two days later, when Snape finally finds the mistrusting children hiding in a small cottage far away from Surrey, all desperately trying (and failing) to treat his many injuries and discussing the possibility of contacting the Order or bringing Harry to a Muggle hospital, he has to use all his powers to save Harry’s life. Of course, the day when Harry’s high fever finally seems to lower a bit and he begins to heal, a big article appears in the Prophet that the wards around Privet Drive have fallen and the Dursleys have been killed. The article also points out that Harry and his friends have mysteriously disappeared about the same time. The previous events on the Ministry, when twisted a bit, also don’t help Harry’s case. So now Severus Snape must somehow coexist with the children who forced him to swore an oath not to reveal them to anybody until Harry heals completely because they no longer trust their elders, heal the boy he hates (or hated), start to think of the way to clear Harry and possibly his friend from the accusations of the Dursleys’ murder and keep both Dumbledore and Voldemort far away from him for a time long enough.

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