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A summer school scenario with letters. Snape has to find out about the letters.

A week after Hogwarts lets out, Hermoine Granger, 5th year student, starts summer school.  She desperately wants to get her A levels as well as finish Hogwarts at the top of her class.  This summer she's taking English History and Chemistry.  Unfortunately, Chemistry is not on the curriculum at her local high school so she must go out of district.  Imagine her surprise when she sees the teacher... and his when he sees one of his least favorite pupils waltz into his summer classroom!  Severus Snape making some extra cash during the summer as a teacher in Muggle chemistry. 2 weeks later...

A Letter to Harry from Hermoine

Dear Harry,

Oh how I wish I could share my summer with you! It has been so interesting! And so different! As you know, (for I've told you hundreds of times!) I want to complete my A levels along with Hogwarts so I actually started a couple of catch up classes this year---English History and Chemistry.

English History is great! The teacher is NOTHING like Binns! It's so interesting! Right now we're studying the 100 years war. You'll never believe the things Muggles could come up with--siege engines, murder holes, all kinds of stuff. Imagine pouring boiling oil down on peoples heads! Ugh!!

But Chemistry; chemistry is absolutely brilliant! I've learned so much and it will help with potions too! Our teacher is absolutely brilliant-sort of a disciplinarian-but patient and he explains things so everyone can understand. I love it! I've learned so much already I can hardly wait for class to start in the mornings. It's 4 hours long so we really get into things. Don't dare be late though, or you don't get into class.

Oops! Got to go or I will be late!! Write soon!



Harry's response letter

Dear Mione,

I am so Happy that you were able to get into the A level classes we discussed on the train. I wish I could share your summer with you too, especially that chemistry class. The teacher sounds great. I wish they had chemistry instead of potions. I would be great to have your muggle teacher teaching potions. Could you imagine having a teacher like that at Hogwarts? You know how much I looked forward to potions in first year because of the chemistry aspect. It would be so nice to show how much I love both subjects instead of us just self teaching, and experimenting together in the room of requirement.

Keep me updated on the different types of experiments you are working on in chemistry and what's going on in History. Did they really drop boiling oil on peoples' heads?!

Got to go, Uncle Vernon is bellowing. You know how he is...

Your Friend,


Snape has to find out about the letters and the rest of it is up to you.

Summary: Voldemort manages to kill Harry Potter, not knowing that Harry is a Horcrux. Severus Snape takes the body home, only to realize that Harry, against all odds, has come back to life.
Summary: Lily's letters, explaining a secret father son relations ship to Harry and Severus, are accidentally sent to the wrong person (someone in the order of the phoenix). One of three things occurs: A)The person does NOT tell Severus OR Harry, and leaves things the way they are. (this is better as a oneshot) B)The person tells Harry OR Severus and helps them with the new revelation. C)The person doesn't tell Severus OR Harry, but ONE of then finds out anyway. NOTE! -Only one of them can find out! That one will be responsible for telling the other! -If it takes place in the seventh year SEVERUS CANNOT DIE! -The letters can only be sent to a member of the order of the phoenix! No death eaters!
Summary: Lily never died but everyone believed she did. Body was never found but believed to have been destroyed along with house. Must be in Harry's 5th year. James is actually dead. She doesn't all of the sudden reveal her self in the beginning to the world. Harry is the first one she reveals herself to. She is unsure if she should trust Dumbledore or not. Umbridge must be included and Severus. Must be a scene we where Severus saves Lily. Ideas: 1. She meets Harry at her sister's house and they spend some time together during the summer before 5th year starts. She tells him not to tell anyone about her before going back to school. 2.She could work at a shop in Hogsmead or a sub teacher and isn't recognized. 3.As a sub teacher or hogsmead shop worker, Lily could attack Umbridge at Hogwarts revealing herself to save Harry from her.
Summary: What if Lily survived the attack and everyone thought she was dead,but she was transported far away with no memory of what happened? During Harry's 5th year she remembers everything and goes to see Harry. When she returns her life is in danger. Will Umbrdige try to kill her? Will Dumbledore try to keep her return secret from the Ministry of Magic? How will Harry and Severus react when they find out Lily is alive? It's up to you. No slash allowed and please NO CP. Also no adult content please. Keep it teen or below.
Summary: AU What if Lily was saved by Severus, she takes a second look and sees the man shes always needed. How does Severus react to a spitting image of the man he hates so much being around his home? REQUIRED: - Snape & Lily marriage/love/romance -Snape & Harry rivalry for Lily's attention - must include the line in the story "If you weren't so much like your father then you could pull your head out your backside and see I love your mother, because she is your mother. You! My son!"
Summary: Harry is Severus' younger brother who was stolen at birth by either James or Sirius (writers choice). James and Lily must be alive, they also must have a son older by 2-3 years than Harry. Harry must be the same age as Ginny. Sev's and Harry's father must be good, also must be a wizard. The truth must be found out close to Christmas by the class Harry's in doing some kind of heritage potion. When the truth comes out Harry's real parent take James and Lily to court, they must end up with custody of Harry, Harry must be resorted under his real name. Harry must find it hard to cope with his new family so he tries to run away, but ends up found. Story must have no Voldemort- Voldemort must have died before Harry was born when Voldemort attacked James and Lily's son 2-3 years before Harry was born. The elder Malfoys must be good, they also must be Harry's godparents. Story must have corporal punishment for rules such as harming himself or others.
Summary: Petunia, Vernon, and Marge Dursley die in a car accident leaving behind two little boys- ages between five to nine. As the Dursleys took Harry in, Albus seems necessary to now repay the favor, taking in Dudley. BUT, as we all know, Albus is too old, so he seeks the way of giving the way to our favorite Potions Master, Severus Snape, to not only take one, but two boys. How is he going to cope with it? Requirements: - There was no physical abuse towards Harry, but there was much neglect and name calling for him. - Children always imitate what their parents do, so Dudley should call Harry ‘Freak’, and enjoy bullying him. This takes Snape to see how Harry was treated. (I believe Dudley was a victim, too.) Dudley MUST be a spoiled brat…of course, being with Snape, things ought to change up to some point…counting on his weight and attitude, please! - Snape treats his charges coldly at first, but as time goes by, he starts to look at them in a different way…though he certainly would never admit that, even if he tucks them in at night, just so they don’t get sick, or gives them treats from time to time, but that’s just because Minerva or Albus are always looking over his shoulder and giving him a hard time if he doesn’t. (Truth being, he’s growing soft.) - Harry has never had rules or guidelines, so I don’t expect him to be the ‘sweet little angel’. Though a sweet child, he also has a lot of spirit, and when he notices Snape is not like the Durlseys on most things, he starts fighting Dudley back and starts acting more and more on his true self, outgoing, witty, rule breaking- much to Snape’s chagrin. Optionals: - Minerva was the one that made Albus take Dudley in, as the child was doom to go to an orphanage. - I would love for the boys to find a stray pet –preferably a dog puppy- and beg Snape to let them keep it. - I can see Snape being one on favor of Corporal Punishment. Please, use this one with care. - Dudley somehow has magic. - How would Snape cope with two sick little boys? - Let your imagination go wild with pranks…I believe if Dudley grew out of watching too much TV and use his brain a bit more, he would be quite clever. Harry is too clever for his own good, already. I AM SO SORRY IF THIS APPEARS AS A WHOLE PHARAGRAPH BUT FOR A REASON I CAN'T SEPARATE THEM!!!!!!
Summary: Harry says "It's nothing," when Snape asks about (something. Your choice. Say, being abused by the Dursleys. Or Sirius's death or something.). Snape believes him.
Summary: Strange dream I had last night - Harry is branded with the Dark Mark... It might even already be a challenge on here, but I thought it was a really interesting idea. How does Harry get branded? Does Snape whitness this? If Harry's at school, do they know he's been branded? Does Harry try to keep it a secret? And what happens when Voldemort summons his Death Eaters? Enjoy!! Just thought it would be cool to see if anyone had any ideas, respond with anything if you want to. Snape can be mean, canon, friendly, what ever you want him to be! Any other characters welcome, and it can be any length - I just want to read about a Harry with a Dark Mark!! (Evil, I know...)
Summary: What if Voldemort tried to regain his body immediately after the events in third year by reviving Harry's mother to use as leverage against him and to use her as the 'blood of the enemy, forcefully taken'? What if it went wrong and instead of an adult Lily Potter, the ten year old version of Lily Evans was revived instead and somehow landed in Hogwarts? How would this affect Harry, who is at Hogwarts due to circumstances and his Potions Professor who are present when she comes? How will they handle this and Voldemort and the Triwizard Tournament?

*Note: Little Lily feels safe only with Harry and Severus and refuses to stay with anyone else unless it's both of them.

Summary: Harry has a new pet - or maybe it's not even Harry's pet, but that of somebody else. Either way, said pet is making a proper nuisance of itself. What's Harry to do when it starts getting him in trouble with Snape?

* It can be any sort of pet you desire; dog, cat, magical, canon (i.e. Crookshanks), otherwise

* The pet's owner should be extremely attached to it, despite its naughtiness

* It can be a pet that isn't technically allowed at Hogwarts

* Bonus if the pet gets into mischief generally not attributed to its species (i.e. a cat chewing on shoes)

* NO (intentional) harm must come to the animal. Threats against its well-being perfectly acceptable, so long as they're not carried out

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