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Summary: Hagrid wants to give Harry a photo album of him and his parents in first year (it was end of the year, when Harry was in hospital after the fight with Voldemort). So he asks everybody he knows for photos - even Professor Snape! And Snape obviously has a lot of pictures of Lily.
  • There must be a conversation between Hagrid and Snape about the pictures
  • Snape must struggle about the decision to give those pictures and do it on the condition that Hagrid won't say where he got them from
  • Harry learns at some point in the story - before the famous Shrieking Shack Death Scene - that those pictures came from Snape
  • Harry gives the Potions Master an anonymous present back
  • Harry confronts Snape about the pictures
  • Snape realizes who the anonymous gift giver is and does something about it
  • Summary: Harry or Snape is suffering from severe PTSD. The other has to help him through it.

    The events which caused the disorder can be canon or AU. Category is up to author, as is the inclusion of other characters.

    Summary: Harry goes back in time to be his own DADA professor his first year. Featuring Severus Snape, 1st year Harry Potter, and grown-up Harry Potter as the DADA professor.
    Summary: Sixth year, before Harry tried out the Sectumsempra spell, he tried out other things from the Half-Blood Prince's potions book without knowing the full effects. Now Harry's in trouble and only Snape can come up with how to fix it.
    Summary: The Potter estate is in Snape's possession. How did this happen?

    In which Harry brews a potion prior to returning to the Dursleys, the purpose of which is to make his stay more pleasant. The effect of this potion is to turn the Dursleys into small furry animals of your choice, which he proceeds to look after to the best of his ability. Bonus points if he manages to get Vernon and Dudley to lose weight.

    What I would like to see:

    Harry paying unusual levels of attention in Potions class prior to brewing the potion, and actually managing to accrue at least a meagre amount of points for his efforts.

    Snape spots Harry doing Potions research when he could be out on the grounds enjoying the sunshine.

    Fred and George tutor Harry in the ways of prank potions - boosting his overall understanding of potion preparation in the process.

    Use of Basilisk ingredients, and possibly owl order of others - to avoid having to steal from Snape. Bonus points for potions lab in the Chamber of Secrets.

    Harry talks to the pet Dursleys and cares for them as he would have wished them to care for him - seeing as he has rendered them virtually helpless.

    Harry somehow managing to bond with Dudley in some way or another.

    Snape tries to figure out what Harry has been getting up to, and finds in one of the library books a piece of parchment in place of a bookmark that bears the notes Harry took in his first Potions class when he was accused of not paying attention.

    Harry has the evidence of his mistreatment at the hands of the Dursleys prepared and ready in case of accusations (degree of mistreatment up to author to decide).

    The story takes place any time after first year, but preferably soon after, such as second or third year. Harry has been told that he must continue to live where his mother's blood dwells.

    Snape finds out. Preferably after the fact.

    What I would rather not see:

    Broken Harry, as he'd be unlikely to pull this off.

    Excessively Cruel or Disinterested Snape.

    Excessively Fluffy Snape.

    Nothing changing between Snape and Harry.

    The potion wearing off on its own.

    Summary: Harry finds out Snape was his biological father AFTER Snape dies.
    • Post-DH w/o Epilogue
    • Snape does not have to know that he was Harry's biological father before he dies
    • Memories, portraits, journals, wills, etc. are expected as a means of revelation/confrontation.
    Summary: Forgive me, but I've always wanted to see this crossover or something similar to it.

    Write a story in which there are creatures similar to Pokemon (you can make them up as you go if you like, actually that would be better than just throwing Pokemon into the mix).

    The children sometimes have these creatures as pets.

    The creatures have powers.

    The children and staff use these creatures to battle alongside them in duels (especially helpful in battles against bad guys).

    The creatures are in general friendly and not mean.

    There is probably a class there at Hogwarts that teaches the students how to battle their creatures. There is also probably a club (or several).

    There may even be some sort of battle league that's as popular as Quidditch.

    Perhaps this fad of acquiring the creatures and using them in battle came back after Grindewald had come to power in Dumbledore's heyday.

    Things to think about:

    - What are these creatures called?
    - What are their powers?
    - What are their limitations?
    - What are the rules of these duels?
    - What are school rules regarding these creatures?
    - How many are students allowed to have?
    - Do staff have these creatures?
    - Where do the creatures sleep? What do they eat?
    - How are they kept? In cages? Are they conjured? Are they kept in a device similar to a Poke-Ball?

    BONUS: If this is a full length story with good angst. Points taken away if there's Slash.

    Summary: I just want a moment between Harry and Snape after Harry realizes that Snape put himself between an angry werewolf and Harry, Ron, and Hermione.
    Summary: Harry develops a rare power/ability. The only other person who also has this ability, something similar to it, or any real working knowledge of it is Snape. Snape reluctantly (at first) helps Harry deal with his new power, and teaches him how to control and use it. Snape eventually adopts him. What the ability is, and when the story takes place is up to the writer.
    Summary: Wizards had spotted Harry before his return to the Wizarding World. What if one had seen the abuse and reported it to someone who can (and does) make a real difference? (For example: a photographer sees it and reports it to the paper, a citizen sees it and reports it to Law Enforcement, etc.)

    We have a lot of PI!Harry stories, but I don't think I've read a PI!Snape story.


    • Snape must have a physical impairment. Your choice.
    • You must provide a backstory, and how it affects canon facts, depending on how long Snape has been physically impaired.
    • How does it affect his character, his relationships to other teachers, and his relationship to Harry, is up to you.


    None. This one is entirely up to you.


    None. This one is entirely up to you.

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