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Summary: 5 times Snape saved Harry's life, and 1 time Harry saved Snape's.
Summary: The story goes that Albus Severus was merely named after two Headmasters of Hogwarts. No one ever knew that Harry's youngest boy was really the Slytherin Headmaster. What happens when Severus starts to remember and is determined to return to who he was?
Summary: Harry is failing his classes, and Snape is assigned to tutor him. Why? You get to choose. The remedial subjects must include more than one class. Bonus points if Harry dislikes this arrangement so much that he acts out.
Summary: Requirements:
  1. Harry is raised by death
  2. Harry must still be mortal
  3. Harry still has almost dying experiences like in canon
  4. It must be a long fanfic
  5. Death must treat Harry like how a good parent would treat their kids.

Option: Death using spanking on Harry.
Summary: One of the characters died. In fact, many are still mourning this person's loss. But what happens when the one who'd so recently been buried returns, not as a ghost, but flesh and blood? Had they really died, or was it some kind of mistake? Maybe it had been imagined, or a vision, perhaps? Maybe, only one person 'remembers' that this character should be dead.

Bonus if:
- The person who died is Harry or Snape
- You include the funeral at the beginning of the story
- The story is multiple chapters
Summary: Severus Snape becomes a child in his mind/is regressed to that of a small child mentally while his body is the same. Between the age of 4 and 7.

Must have in it:
  • Albus or Harry Potter finds him in that condition (remember Severus was an abused child)
  • Harry becomes involved because he is a compassionate soul despite his reservations about Snape.
  • Harry and Snape become like brothers/friends, like his mom was to Severus
  • Severus falls in love with a plushie Badger
  • Severus may act like he dislikes Albusís colorful robes but secretly he wants them like any small child.
  • Albus buys Severus a colorful wardrobe which Severus is secretly delighted with (colorful and printed robes which Severus becomes attached too and wears all the time to the point that stitching spells and the like no longer can fix them)
  • Please remember Severus loves potions so he might already know a thing or two about potions and he may also know a thing or two about magic because his mother did teach him a few things as a small child.
  • Must be 25 chapters long or longer.
  • Can take place during or after the war
  • No character deaths unless it is Voldemort and Peter Pettigrew.
  • The Whole Weasley Clan and Albus are very much alive.
Draco interaction optional. Lucious interaction optional.
Summary: Harry has to battle for the attention and love of his father with a real brother. The details are all up to you.

Some things you might want to consider:
Does Severus acknowledge Harry and his brother? Just one or just the other?
Are they half or whole brothers?
Do Harry and his brother get along?
Is Harry adopted and his brother is Snape's real son, or is it the other way around?
Is Snape all lovey dovey on them, or harsh and unkind?
Is Harry's brother someone we already know, or someone completely new?
Has Harry always known about Severus and his brother, or is this a new revelation?
Does Harry live with Snape? Does his brother?
How do Harry and his friends handle all of this?

Bonus: There is rivalry between Harry and his brother.

I do not want this story to be about Harry being adopted, and another adopted brother of Snape's. One or both of them must be Snape's real children. This can be at Hogwarts, or during the summer, both or neither. You decide.
Summary: Romilda Vane manages to slip Harry a love potion, and now he is under her spell. Does Snape help Harry? Or will he help Romilda? Would keeping Harry under Romilda's spell help keep Harry in line and out of trouble?
Summary: Harry advertises for a roommate / flatmate in a Muggle newspaper (either anonymously or under a fake name). Severus replies (either anonymously or under a fake name). Or vice-versa with Severus advertising and Harry replying.
  • What does the ad say?
  • If fake names are used, what are they and how were they chosen?
  • Why is Harry (or Severus) looking for a Muggle roommate?
  • What happens when they realize who each other is?
    (This can happen when they first meet, or later on if they are in disguise)
  • What happens next?
Summary: Harry runs away from Hogwarts - to see the world ... Snape is sent to find him. He does and brings him back. On the way, they get closer. Will Snape bring him back?
Summary: Often when people are sick they regress into a somewhat younger mind set, able to take comfort in blankets and being taken care of. When Harry feels safe enough to do something like this for the first time what is Snape's reaction?
Summary: Listen and be inspired by the song Runaway by Love and Theft (you can find a version on Youtube). Now use some idea from the song to write a story about Harry and Draco running away from their lives (separately), and both somehow ending up with Snape as their mentor or guardian.
    This story can be taken one of two directions: Either:

  1. Harry and Draco are underage and still enrolled in Hogwarts, but both are tired of either the abuse they receive at home or (in Draco's case he may decide to run away because he doesn't want to follow his father's destructive path... or abuse). This should happen sometime in the summer and they can either meet on the way to ending up with Snape, or just both end up there somehow.


  2. Harry and Draco are both out of Hogwarts and are between 18-24. They need a change in their life (for whatever reason) and end up running off and meeting somewhere and end up settling their differences. Again, somehow they end up with Snape as their mentor, Apprentice Master, or something.
In either option there should be some kind of realization that the other characters are not as bad as previously thought.

Bonus if: it's more than 6 chapters, well written, and the characters stay in character.

Bonus Challenge for option B: One of the guys leaves because he got a girl pregnant and doesn't know if he can deal with it... you choose if it's Harry or Draco, but Snape somehow ends up teaching them to man up and do what's right by the end of the story. The rest is up to you.

    Review of what's required:
  • Must take some idea or theme from the song
  • Must have Harry, Draco, and Snape as the focus of the story
  • Must have some sort of realization and reconciliation between characters
  • Harry and Draco should be running away at about the same time.

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