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Summary: Write a tale in which Snape, Lupin, Harry, and Draco come to be a family in some way. Obviously, some responses to this challenge will be slash (however, this is not necessary).


~For some reason, Snape, Lupin, Harry, and Draco have to pose as a family. Likely none of them are entirely pleased about this. (Think: We're the Millers)
~Snape and Lupin team together platonically to look after the boys in some way
~Snape, Lupin, Harry, and Draco all find themselves in a situation where they are siblings in some capacity
~Molly Weasley/another Order member/Hogwarts staff has decided that Snape has been alone quite long enough and knows the perfect person for him. (Alternatively, he/she/they have tired of seeing Lupin alone, so forth, yada)
~Harry and Draco decide to team up to unite their parent figures/mentors/guardians/favorite professors (Think: The Parent Trap)
~Harry and/or Draco finds himself in charge of two de-aged professors; the other insists on helping for whatever reason
~Any other scenario you can think of (I could go on for some while, so it's really best I stop, now...)

Note: Not everyone need be an official part of the immediate family to satisfy this challenge

Summary: Harry asks for something for his birthday. Snape: "I distinctly remember. Your birthday was last year." Harry: "That's the funny thing about birthdays. They're kind of an annual thing."
Summary: A shocking memory has been secreted away into somebody's pensieve. Whose memory is it and what does it contain? More importantly, how is it that this one memory alters everything for a certain Potions Master and the unwitting hero of the Wizarding World?
Summary: Harry and his friends end up on the Titanic through some sort of accident during 5th year. They are unable to do magic on the ship when it is sinking. Draco, Albus, McGonagall, and Severus end up there with them. A character almost dies. Draco must change for the better. No slash allowed.
Summary: I want to see an abused!Harry story where Harry is untrusting, a little shy, and has been placed by the hat into Slytherin as a first year. Snape doesn't like him but he isn't being exactly horrible to him either. Harry just starts to get comfortable in his first week there when suddenly he's removed from Slytherin and put into Gryffindor, the house he 'should be in' according to Minerva McGonagall, and a host of other worried people in the Ministry. The decision has been made, and Harry has no control over it. Now he feels like he's been singled out and made an example of and feels all the more alone. What's more, the Gryffindors don't want him there and Ron Weasley and the others make no effort to keep that quiet. Snape doesn't like that Potter has been snatched from Slytherin because his authority seems to count for nothing, but he's relieved to have the Potter 'brat' out of his house and out of his hair. Where does this leave poor half starved, injured Harry though? He wants to go back to Slytherin. How will he get there?

Bonus if Harry actually goes to Snape for help with his injuries after he's been taken from Slytherin.

Bonus if it's at least three chapters long.

Bonus if in the end, Ron at least comes to like Harry at least a little (but not too fast) and at least becomes an acquaintance rather than an enemy.

Note: Draco should be Harry's friend in this story. It's required.
Summary: Harry falls pregnant at Hogwarts. Harry is either with Charlie Weasley, Bill Weasley, or another older Wizard.

As Harry goes up to Dumbledore's office after the Final Battle at Hogwarts, he is surrounded by bright, white light.

When he opens his eyes, he is on a bed at St. Mungo's. He is greeted by a Healer who tells him that his parents will arrive soon, now that he is finally awake.

Indeed, James and Lily Potter arrive, along with a 7-years-old boy, and a 4-years-old girl: Harry's little siblings.

The Potters are absolutely happy to have Harry back. After all, "he" had been in a comma for the last 10 years, after the family was attacked in Godric's Hollow, in Halloween, 1981. That's right, Harry is now 11 years old!

Harry decides not to tell his parents that he isn't really their Harry. For now.

More weirdness...

  • Peter is still friends with the Potters! Good Uncle Wormy!
  • Severus Snape has been in Azkaban for the last 10 years, for a crime he didn't commit. He claimed he's innocent, and didn't get a trial.
  • Dumbledore and Voldemort died in a fierce battle, 10 years ago.
  • Lily forces her family to spend several special days with the Dursleys, every year. Though the Dursleys are still uncomfortable with magic, they are way more tolerant than in Harry's world.
  • Neither Ron or Hermione know him, so Harry either has to befriend them all over again, or make new friends.
  • There is a sense of uneasiness in this world, and Harry doesn't quite understand why that is.

What will happen?

  • At some point, Harry will have to help Snape. Will he do it alone? Will Harry need someone's help?
  • Will Harry ever get used to his "new" family? Will he ever tell them he's not from around?
  • What is Snape accused of? Who framed him? Or did he really commit the crime?
  • Is Peter really a good guy in this world? Or is he plotting something?
  • Is Voldemort really dead? Or, for that matter, Dumbledore?
  • Was there a prophecy? Or not?

I have given you plenty to think about. And, I'm sure you'll come up with interesting, different things! I love AUs, as you've probably seen (if you follow my challenges, at all).

Summary: Harry discovers he has diabetes.

Summary: Write a story in which Harry AND Ron both somehow look up to Snape. There shall be NO SLASH in this story AT ALL. Bonus if you somehow work Draco in to this looking up to Snape as well, but not required. Ron and Harry should still be friends. Bonus if it's a full length story.
Summary: Snape eavesdrops on a conversation between Harry and someone else, only hearing part of it. He comes to a completely wrong conclusion. Harry eventually sets him straight.
Summary: Someone slips Harry a potion that has long-lasting or irreversible, life-changing effects.
Summary: Severus and Harry land in Middle Earth! :) They are too young to go on the quest, as they are young elves/elflings! :) Younger than Legolas - for they have not reached their majority, despite the fact they were adults prior to this. How they got to Middle Earth is up to you - perhaps they died in the Final Battle, or they decided to get away from the old world and wanted to start living in the new one. Regardless of which way you choose, they have family/kin in Rivendell! :) You can have either Erestor or Elrond become Severus' father (I would love Erestor for this, as I could see where the snarkiness comes from). Severus will be feeling lost and unsure of himself - without his potions he'll feel like he has no purpose. Bonus if you have him working and learning with Elrond making salves and whatnot for the healing wing, and maybe even learning the healing arts himself. Extra points if you have Harry joining the lessons as well. Severus will be his usual snarky self. Both he and Harry will have some previous memories intact, not all. Both will exhibit the abuses they suffered - Severus at Tobias' hands and Harry's at his relations' hands. At any rate, both he and Harry become family before their arrival in ME and during. How they are family I leave up to you. :D (Don't you just love freedom of choice?) They will also need to learn the history of the Eldar and other subjects that they need to know to live in their new world, so Erestor will be teaching them both at the same time. Anything else that is plausible I leave to you dear author! Hugs and Love, Vanime

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