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Summary: Harry and the gang are re-doing their 7th year at Hogwarts since they hadn't been there while they had been in hiding from Voldemort and subsequently defeating said Dark Lord. It's been 6 months since the defeat of Lord Voldemort and the Wizarding World is slowly rebuilding what it had lost, but there is a new threat coming their way and they may need to bring back the recently departed Lord Voldemort to help them defeat this new enemy. It bears a striking similarity to how the Death Eaters travelled with black smoke, but this evil - this darkness, has even what remains of the Death Eaters running for their lives. Not even Harry will be able to fight this one alone, for everyone has darkness hidden inside them; it is what makes you envious, what makes you hate and what makes you angry. It is that darkness made real, and as long as darkness lingers within everyone it will be difficult to defeat.

Other Details:
  • Snape somehow survives the bite from Nagini and continues to teach.
  • Must contain a Mentor/Guardian relationship with Snape and Harry. (How you get there, you get to decide, for example: maybe Harry has Anger Management issues considering everything that has happened.)
  • Snape must adopt Draco as well at some point in the story. (Again the reasons for that are up to you.)
  • There has to be a chance encounter with a wise Centaur.
  • Luna Lovegood must make a few appearances throughout the story. (She has great insight to what is coming. However the characters will have to figure out the riddles she gives as clues.)
  • Harry has to explore his sexuality and end up eventually paired with Draco. (However, you get to decide how it happens, throw a few bumps in there, a few funny turns, but it comes good though.)
  • If you get inspired and come up with some ideas that don't clash with the points above, you can add those to the story as well. (Be creative).
  • Has to be 15 or more chapters. (A decent length stories, with lots of detail.)
  • Lastly, make the journey through the 15 or more chapters interesting.
Summary: What really happens behind the doors of Number Four Privet Drive? Young Harry is being abused but by whom? Is it really Vernon the robust drill designer? or is it Petunia who has a sharp look and word for everyone including her husband?

Must haves:
  • Vernon married to an abusive Petunia.
  • Petunia abusive to Harry but dotes on Dudley.
  • Vernon secretly helps Harry.
  • Dudley pretends to be abusive to harry and disrespectful to Vernon.
  • Harry receives letter. Petunia reacts....badly....
  • Vernon sends reply to hogwarts asking someone to rescue Harry
  • Snape Answers letter.
Summary: Write a Wingfic. Either someone (Harry or Severus), or everyone, has wings. Ideas: -AU where everyone has wings. -Some wizards have wings, some don't, and no one knows exactly why. Muggles can't see them, but squibs can. -Harry suddenly grows wings, whether through magical inheritance or for some other reason. At first he resents them, thinking that they are just another thing that makes him a freak, but he learns to love them. -Severus just knew that Harry was going to be just like his father. Seeing Harry's wings changed his opinion dramatically. Things to think about: -What do a person's wings say about their life and personality? -If everyone has wings, then what about brooms? -Don't limit yourself to birds - there are also bats and insects.
Summary: Set after POA, but before GOF...in which Lupin becomes foster father to four boys: Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, de-aged Sirius Black and de-aged Severus Snape.

  1. Severus and Sirius must be younger than Harry and Draco, but not too young to attend Hogwarts.
  2. Their memories must be retained, though their emotions and behaviors should be of whatever age they are.
  3. Lupin must not favor Harry or Sirius over Severus and Draco.
  4. If you so wish, discipline (spanking) can be part of the story (this will be up to the writer...)
  5. By the end of the story, the boys should have bonded as brothers and view Lupin as their father.
  6. The pairings should be: Harry/Hermione, Draco/Ginny, Neville/Luna. If you so wish to give Severus and Sirius love interests, you may.
  7. Lupin should not be as hesitant as he sometimes is in the books.
Summary: "Sometimes to help someone, you have to walk away and let them hit rock bottom." (Unknown)

Summary: Harry is so hungry for positive attention that he'll do anything for the approval of his teachers and peers. What will Snape do when he notices first-year Harry's unhealthy relationships with the people of Hogwarts and the Dursley’s? Required: Harry must do everything in his power to hide the abuse of his peers and family. Harry must be overly conscious about what people think of him. (If you choose, this can be a lifelong struggle…or Snape can help him to heal completely, your choice.) Brownie Points: If you include this scene: Snape makes multiple jabs at Harry’s unruly hair. Harry comes into class one day with his hair slicked back with too much gel in an attempt to get Snape to like him more. Snape only sneers and makes hurtful comments about the boy’s incompetence.
Summary: It struck me that Harry would have had a very different kind of life if he had been old enough to remember his parents, magic, the wizarding world. And it would have been a very different world if Voldemort had been allowed to continue his quest for power for several years longer than in canon.

So, how do you think Harry would be different if he had lived with his parents until he was 7 or 8 (or so)?
-Would he have befriended other canon characters?
-What role does Sirius play in his life?
-Does Sirius still get sent to Azkaban?
-If so, how is Harry impacted?
-How would the wizarding world be different?
-How would Snape be different after spying for so many years?
-How would Snape have changed with Lily alive?
-Did Snape and Lily make up, or does Harry meet him at Hogwarts?
-How would that dynamic influence their relationship?

Of course those questions don't all need to be answered, but I think that such a change prompts very interesting questions.

Severus Snape was wandering the hallways looking for wayward students out of bed. He heard voices from around a corner and just as he was about to bust the rule braking students he hears something unexpected come from Ron's mouth.

"You need to go to a teacher and tell them what has been going on at the Durley's."

When he peeked around the corner he saw a prone boy that couldn't be Harry Potter sitting in a window sill with his knees pulled to his chest and tears streaking down his cheeks.

Takes place either first, second or third year. No evil Dumbledore, but Severus Snape's heart begins to melt.

Summary: Lily stole something very important from Severus Snape and Bellatrix LeStrange. Something very precious. Now that the Dark Lord is back, they are determined to take back what is theirs.

Summary: We all do enjoy our favourite Potions Master suffer, or is that just me? In this challenge, we see Snape weep. In character as much as possible and in front of Harry. Important to this challenge is that Harry doesn't just come in when it's already happening, but is during some interaction with Harry. Prompt: Coward.
Summary: What if Severus had lied to the Dark Lord all those years ago and told him that Harry was his child in order to protect Lily, knowing she would never place her life before her son's? How much would be changed by one little white lie?

Summary: Got this idea from a video on Youtube that showed Snape in the Great Hall demanding to know where Potter was. What if instead of fighting Minerva, Snape kills the Carrows and calls upon the school to get ready for the Final Battle. What if also, he gave the Slytherins a choice, telling them the truth of who Voldemort really is, his past, and what he was forced to do.

Must have the following:
  1. "Are you with me and Hogwarts?" Snape asks them, his tone deadly serious, "Or are you with Tom Riddle and his Death Eaters? Decide before it's made for you."
  2. Snape confessing that he was forced to kill Dumbledore.
  3. Snape summoning the protections of the school.
  4. Dead Carrows.
  5. Telling Harry the truth about his scar.
  6. No Snape dying at the hands of Voldemort.
  7. Only Comrades, Father, or Healer categories

You can have Voldemort believing that he hasn't mastered the Elder Wand enabling Harry to take it, or you can have all sorts of surprises from anything like Snape adding additional protections to the school to Harry discovering that Snape is his father. Show another side of Snape other than what the scene showed with him running away from Minerva's spells.

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