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Summary: Harry and Snape are both elves.
Summary: Usually the portraits of past Headmasters sleep in their frames. Snape's doesn't.
Summary: Harry's first year he's the only student sorted into the House - Griffindor/Slytherin/Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw. How does he cope with a whole different spotlight on him? How can Snape watch over him without blowing his cover?
Summary: Harry plays a musical instrument. Severus can't help but be impressed. Can be anything from a short, sweet one-shot to a long, angsty multi-chapter fic (of course, long, angsty multi-chapter fics are always preferable).
Summary: Imagine Petunia had treated Harry well instead of being an evil b****. Imagine she would've hidden the Wizarding World from Harry in an attempt to protect him from Voldemort. Harry and Dudley grew up as brothers, not one spoilt and the other neglected but equal and normal. What would happen when the Hogwarts letter arrives, delivered by none other than our loved Potions Master?

  • Harry has a place at Dudley's school and is excited to go there with him but when he realizes the truth about his parents' death and the Wizarding World he'd rather go to Hogwarts. But he feels like it would be a betrayal of Petunia and he doesn't want to be separated from Dudley for a whole school year.
  • Vernon could still be resentful about Harry taking Dudley's limelight, even though his family doesn't see it like that. In small gestures he would try to show Harry that he does not in fact consider him part of his family. So Harry would never see him as his father the way he sees his aunt as a mother.
  • Snape convinces the Dursleys to let Harry go to Hogwarts and promises to protect him from any harm.
  • Petunia remembers Snape and even though she does not like him, she knows he loved Lily and trusts him to take care of Harry - I would like to see a serious conversation between them, where Petunia makes Snape see Harry as his own person and not his parents' (not just James!) son alone.
  • If you make this story long I'd really like to see how Snape becomes a mentor and someone to look up to. He should be the father figure that Vernon refused to be for Harry. But as the Dursleys accept Harry, he would not adopt him.

  • If you don't vilify any of the Dursleys, including Vernon. It is entirely normal for some people to see a foster/adopted child as less deserving than their own flesh and blood, especially if you are only related to them through marriage. It makes Vernon ignorant, not evil.
  • Summary: Seventh book when Snape put Godric Gryffindor's sword in the pond, it was really a trap. Snape's aim? To take Harry Potter back to Hogwarts, unwilling, unconscious, or any way he must.
    Summary: PostHogwarts. Harry is a grown wizard when unexpectedly the Death Eaters gather together to have their revenge. Snape shows up unexpectedly alive to warn and protect Harry Potter and any family he may have. Just why does Snape think he needs protecting?
    Summary: Orphans or abused witches and wizards are sent to a wizarding children's home and unable to be adopted or fostered out in order to keep them safe. Severus Snape spent some time in one, and now Harry Potter arrives. Is this home as good as it should be for The Boy Who Lived? Snape is a frequent visitor or worker at the home..
    Summary: pairings: Neville/Snape NO SLASH!! Father/Son .Snape Adopts Neville Summary: After Lupin's class where Neville Boggart turns into Severus Snape everyone laughs it off as childish fear, everyone but Snape. He slowly realizes that there is is more to Neville fear than just a mean teacher. Neville is emotionally and physically abused at home by his grandmother and his uncles . Something Snape decides to put a stop to. This leads him to have a different of Harry as well rescuing from the durselys Other Details Not much is known about Neville parents or their friends this could be included into the story. Maybe one of Neville parents is somehow connected to Snape ( ei life debt,childhood friend,distant relative) Neville can paired with anyone you choose male or female as long its not Snape
    Summary: Pairings: One of the main character is now an adult when they find their mate in one of the children of another character - Adult Draco with Adult Ron/Hermione child, Severus with a young Neville Longbottom or Harry,whatever pairing you can come up with, etc Characters: Adult Draco with Adult Ron/Hermione child, Severus with a young Neville Longbottom ( I never seem him and Snape mixed in a father/son combo!) or Harry,whatever pairing you can come up with, etc Summary: I read a story where the main character was Veela but as a twist instead of mating sexually with another person they had a parental connection to their mate. Instead of wanting to sleep with the person(mate) and marry them they want to take care of them and protect them from the world or an abusive parent. The was not even finished but I loved the concept. So this is what I saw happening in the stories! Other Details The child is need of a parental figure either because of mental ,physical,or sexual abuse by one parent that the veela would then replace (does not have to be graphic) *These Veela can should have the characteristics of the regular veela! The Scent,Black eyes,wing ,a lot of parental possessive, and whatever you see in your version of Veela without the sexual/life partner aspect of the relationship I want cuteness and good caring parenting even if they freak out at first

    Harry Potter version of the BBC Musketeers.

    Must Have:
  • D'artagnan = Harry
  • Constance = Hermione
  • Bonacieux = Ron
  • Athos = Snape
  • Aramis = Sirius
  • Porthos = Remus
  • Treville = Dumbledore
  • Cardinal = Voldemort
  • Milady = Bellatrix
  • King Louis = Lucius
  • Queen Anne = Narcissa
  • Extra:

    It goes like the BBC show, or close to it anyway. Harry's mother (Lily) died from an illness and James died on the way to Paris. Please no Harry/Ginny.
    Summary: Write a tale in which Snape, Lupin, Harry, and Draco come to be a family in some way. Obviously, some responses to this challenge will be slash (however, this is not necessary).


    ~For some reason, Snape, Lupin, Harry, and Draco have to pose as a family. Likely none of them are entirely pleased about this. (Think: We're the Millers)
    ~Snape and Lupin team together platonically to look after the boys in some way
    ~Snape, Lupin, Harry, and Draco all find themselves in a situation where they are siblings in some capacity
    ~Molly Weasley/another Order member/Hogwarts staff has decided that Snape has been alone quite long enough and knows the perfect person for him. (Alternatively, he/she/they have tired of seeing Lupin alone, so forth, yada)
    ~Harry and Draco decide to team up to unite their parent figures/mentors/guardians/favorite professors (Think: The Parent Trap)
    ~Harry and/or Draco finds himself in charge of two de-aged professors; the other insists on helping for whatever reason
    ~Any other scenario you can think of (I could go on for some while, so it's really best I stop, now...)

    Note: Not everyone need be an official part of the immediate family to satisfy this challenge

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