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Summary: Crossover/Fusion with 'His Dark Materials'. AU where everyone has a daemon (a person's soul existing outside their body in the form of an animal). Must feature abusive Dursleys and non-Gryffindor Harry. Romance is optional, but the preferred Harry romance is Harry/Neville, Harry/Hermione, or Harry/Fleur if you want to pair Harry with someone.
Summary: Write a story where everyone is a furry. Ron and Weasleys are Weasels. Hermione is a Beaver. Draco and Lucius are White ferrets. Now with Harry and Severus you get a choice. Severus can be a Panther, Kangaroo, or a Panda. Harry can be a Squirrel, Hyena, or a Dingo.

Required: Abusive Dursley.

*Feel free to bash but not on Harry or Severus
*De-aging of Harry: If deaged here are pictures of what he may look like.
  • Squirrel
  • Hyena
  • Dingo
Summary: Crossover with 'Doctor Who'. While running from Deatheaters (anti-apparition and anti-portkey wards keep them from escaping magically), Harry and Severus take shelter in a blue police box.
Summary: Harry and Snape grow close to each other and Snape must become either Harry's guardian or dad. But when Severus finally gains Harry's trust, Harry is taken and raped (or something equally horrible) and Snape has to save him and try to gain Harry's trust again.
Summary: Harry does something and now everyone is bullying him. They use baby talk to bully him. The bullying may go past that, to them physically treating him like a baby, giving him baby bottles or jars of baby food. What will happen?

  • Abusive Dursley.
  • Kind and misunderstood Severus.
  • Timed and shy Harry.
  • 1st, 2nd or 3rd year Harry.

  • Bashing on anyone but the twins, Neville, or Severus.
  • Harry is suicidal.
  • Harry trying to keep the bullying and his abuse a secret from the adults.
Summary: Harry and his guardian (either Remus or Sirius) decide to take on a de-aged Severus.

  • Severus refusing to go with Harry and his guardian.
  • Harry attempting to force Severus to obey him as an older brother.
  • Severus having something similar to Reactive Attachment Disorder (In other words, Severus is not going to trust Harry or the guardian. It might get better, but that is up to the writer's discretion.)

  • Harry and his guardian attempting to change Severus' house at Hogwarts.
  • Attempts to change Severus' personality
Summary: The story goes that Albus Severus was merely named after two Headmasters of Hogwarts. No one ever knew that Harry's youngest boy was really the Slytherin Headmaster. What happens when Severus starts to remember and is determined to return to who he was?
Summary: Harry and Severus end up in a bar talking about the similarities of their respective childhoods.
Summary: Often overlooked, emotional and psychological abuse leave unseen scars that can't always be healed. Severus learns he's one of the major perpetrators and must try to reconcile.

Required: NO PHYSICAL ABUSE. This fic should focus on the effects of years of emotional/psychological abuse.

Bonus Points If: You manage some hurt/comfort in there.
Summary: After the war, Harry left the wizarding world and became an stage actor, gets accepted into a main role. Then finds out his partner on stage, the lead actor, is Snape.

  1. The only one who might have know that Snape survived would be Draco.
  2. Harry and Snape must agree to work together, for the play (they don't have to like each other).
  3. Either Snape or Harry or both must fall in love with someone within the cast.

Bonus Points if:
  • This came to me while listening to the song Highwayman (by Loreena McKennitt) and they were to be the main actors in the song-made-play. Harry would be the Highwayman, and Snape the 'Woman'.
  • Draco could also be an actor, or in the audience
  • Snape and Harry become friends, or at least are friendly with each other.

Having a piece of Voldemort's soul shoved into the front of his head, Harry simply wasn't normal. After all, there's only so much space in his head, now isn't there?

Somehow, the piece of Voldemort's soul affects Harry, both physically and mentally.


  1. Harry must either be blind or have extremely bad vision, due to the soul placing pressure on the optic nerve.
  2. Chronic headaches, worsened in the presence of Voldemort's magic. (This includes Dark Marks).
  3. Damage to the frontal lobe of his brain (the frontal lobe does "involve the ability to recognize future consequences resulting from current actions, to choose between good and bad actions (or better and best), override and suppress socially unacceptable responses, and determine similarities and differences between things or events." It is also involved in long term memory not associated with tasks.) To what degree is your choice.
  4. Severus is the first to notice the damage, and for whatever reason, is the one who leads the treatment. Thus, he is curious, confused, or disoriented around Harry--not hating him as the son of James.
  5. The damage must begin when Harry gains the Horcrux, but can worsen with the revival of Voldemort.

Optional ideas:

  • Slytherin!Harry
  • Harry can hear the voice of Voldemort/Tom Riddle in his head
  • Easier for Voldemort to possess Harry or access his mind
  • Someone believes Harry is the next Dark Lord
  • Harry has access to some of Voldemort's knowledge or memories

Apart from that, this idea is yours.

Summary: Sort of like “A Christmas Carol”. Harry has been very depressed and cynical since the end of the war. The losses took their toll, and now the Boy-Who-Lived just wants to be left alone. He alienates himself, rarely ever leaving his house or letting people visit. He’s jaded, and no one can help. Then, on Christmas, he gets an unexpected visitor. Can this ghost from his past give him a reason to live his life again?

  • There is only one ghost, instead of 3 separate ones. The ghost is Severus Snape.
  • He shows Harry both of their lives in the past, as well as the lives of others. Flashbacks don’t have to be Christmas related.
  • He shows Harry’s present situation, as well as a few others, and then shows their futures if nothing changes. Snape obviously won’t be in the present or future (since he’s dead), unless it’s someone talking to his portrait at Hogwarts.
  • The ending doesn't necessarily have to be happy, and Snape’s ghost will have to leave by Christmas morning whether or not Harry learns his lesson.
  • There can be a punishment for either Harry or Snape, or both, if Harry doesn't learn his lesson.
  • Pairings are up to you, and are not required.
  • Please no “Tiny Tim” impressions.
Bonus Points if…
  • Snape gets mad enough to actually whack Harry on his head (like he does to Ron in the 5th movie).
  • Harry figures out some way to bring Snape back, and they have some sort of truce, possibly even act like a family.

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