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Summary: I have recently learned about Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS), the reasons people do it, and the effects babies get from it. Being as morbid as I am, I couldn't help but think of a VERY plausible, in my opinion, fanfic plot bunny. Please keep in mind that I am American, so I have no idea how this would work in the UK.

The Facts: If a person was to shake a baby once back and once forth only one time, it would be called a “First Stage Case”. Since infants, babies, and toddlers brains are not developed there is space between the brain and the skull. When shaken, a baby’s brain would start hitting the sides of the skull. In a VERY, VERY, VERY minor case of SBS(it would probably help that Harry is a magical baby), and after YEARS of hospitalization, the baby would get frequent forgetfulness/memory loss. Loss of ability to feel some important emotions. Partial loss of sight or even blindness. Learning disabilities, social ineptness; frequent migraines stemming from brain damage all throughout life. Loss of some fine motor skills (sloppy handwriting, things like that). Not to mention, IMMEDIATE removal from home. Hospitalization to a medical then mental hospital until fully able to function as normally as possible. The child would also have Psychological problem due to the abuse.

Why I Feel It Could Happen: SBS is commonly done by men and other people who are NOT the mother/parent of a child. Petunia and Vernon make it perfectly clear that they do not want Harry around, it makes me think that his crying (the main cause for a person to shake a baby) would NOT be tolerated, where as Dudley’s would be. This could cause either Petunia or Vernon to shake Harry before the other would stop them. Harry would have to be hospitalized, the doctors WOULD know that he had been shaken. Both Harry and Dudley would be taken away. Harry would be put in different hospitals, Dudley in foster care, or Marge's (*Reminder: I am American. So again, I have no idea what would happen to children in Surrey.)
  • Harry has to go to Hogwarts when he is 11.
  • Severus MUST be the person to help Harry.

  • Sorted into Slytherin
  • If you believe that Harry is okay enough to be in a relationship later in life, then put it in BUT, I prefer SLASH. If not keep it GEN.
  • Which means no Harry/Female.
  • CP(Corporal Punishment) is okay, if you want it.
  • No Non-Con/Rape!
    Summary: A young Harry is sent the letter from Hogwarts, with a mysterious guardian paying his tuition. His living circumstances remain largely unchanged as Harry continues to live with the Dursleys. Once at Hogwarts Harry meets the staff, among them is Severus Snape, the Potions Master, and the Defense Against Dark Arts professor, James Potter.

    Challenge Rules
    • Harry's last name remains Evans.
    • Lily is still very dead
    • The relationship between James Potter and Lily Evans should be left up to the writer.
    • Snape is Harry's Head of House. This does not have to be Slytherin or Gryffindor. A good sorting is always fun.
    • Harry knows next to nothing about the history between his mentor, his father, and his dead mother.
    • How the overall interactions of a living James Potter and a Harry Evans contributes to Harry's apprenticeship is up to the writer.
    • James Potter may or may not have known about Harry's existence.
    • Extra Credit if Grindelwald can be worked into the story without removing Voldemort as the arch-evil.
    • Characterizations fascinate me. If the author is up to the challenge, I'd like to see these circumstances made to work with the canon personalities.
    • Please, no bashing of any characters.
    Summary: Harry comes to Hogwarts having been raised by one of the following:
    • Kingsley Shacklebolt
    • Andromeda and Ted Tonks
    • Amelia Bones
    • Rupert Giles and Joyce Summers (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
    • Bruce Banner (from The Avengers/The Incredible Hulk) and with help from the other Avengers
    • Harry Dresden (from The Dresden Files)
    • Aaron Hotchner, and Haley if you choose (Criminal Minds)
    How Harry left the Dursley's custody (or how he didn't wind up with the Dursleys at all) is up to the writer.

    Must Haves:
    • Harry is not in Gryffindor.
    • Harry/Neville, or Harry and Neville as best friends/brother-like. Either is fine as long as they are closer than in canon.
    • Harry tells his family about Snape's treatment of him. They come to Hogwarts to discuss the situation with Snape and Dumbledore (read: yell at one or both of them).
    • Harry's scar is not a horcrux, and he is a Parselmouth naturally.
    • Snape eventually becomes a mentor to Harry and a friend/ally of his family.
    • The Weasleys can be as involved as you wish, but no Harry/Ginny.
    • Harry is good at potions.
    Summary: Poppy Pomfrey decides to get an assistant Mediwitch to help her handle things the year before Harry shows up. This finally allows the school to have examinations before classes begin, how will this change Snape's opinion and future relationship with Harry? Bonus points if a. Harry is Slytherin b. the new Mediwitch and Snape hit it off and or c. Harry is removed from the Dursleys.
    Summary: Harry gives Professor Snape a Christmas present. Why? What happens? Harry can be his son, or just the spawn of his school enemy James, it's up to you. What is the present, why does he give it to him, what does Snape do? Have fun!

    Bonus if Harry and Snape are one or all of these: Enemies, Brothers, Apprentice.
    Summary: Harry Potter would finally be going to Hogwarts. But he's alittle different Required: -Harry has to be autistic -Wizardly world can't know what Autism is -Harry must be abused -Severus must be nice -Must be in first year Double Bonus: -Harry is low functioning autistic -Bashing on Ron and Hermione
    Summary: Harry has been raising a deaged Severus and is attempting to teach Severus all the things he (Harry)likes to do; i.e. Quidditch and flying. However, despite multiple attempts Harry cannot convince Severus to like these things.


    - Severus can be deathly afraid of heights
    - Severus can dislike brooms
    - Severus can have his memories
    - Harry attempts to force Severus to play Quidditch.

    Summary: Harry is stolen from his biological family (not Snape)eiher when he was born or when he was very small.Snape must discover the truth and play a prominant role in reuniting Harry with his real family and Harry must have formed some sort of bond with him over it. Harry's parents can be anyne as long as it's not Snape Anything else is fair game.
    Summary: Uncle Vernon replaces someone for work in the area of Aunt Petunia's childhood home. Aunt Petunia inherited her parents home but in the past it was rented out. The Dursleys move to Aunt Petunia's childhood home for the summer while Uncle Vernon is filling for someone at work. Harry runs into his potions teacher and learns more about him. No sexual content or foul language please. Takes place after 4th year.
    Summary: From the HP Idea Story Generator ( http://hpideagen.blogspot.com/ ): Someone sits broken, In Hogsmeade, During Easter Break, While Having An Asthma Attack, [Genre: Action/Adventure].

    Your challenge is to take this sentence and run with it (hopefully into a multi-chapter story). I don't mind if you change the genre, or Hogsmeade to Diagonalley or another magical town. Questions to get your story rolling: Who finds Harry?
    Where is Harry found?
    Was he missing or did Snape or someone else stumble upon him on accident?
    What happened to Harry?
    What does Snape do when he finds out?

    I really don't mind where you take this story so long as there's no slash. I may even respond to this challenge myself at some point.
    Summary: Snape, tired of the endless 'coddling' he presumes Potter gets constantly, uses polyjuice (or some similar shape shifting magic) to be Potter for one day at school. Bonus points if Snape is shaken enough to let the potion wear off in public.
    Summary: What if Lily survived the attack and everyone thought she was dead,but she was transported far away with no memory of what happened? During Harry's 5th year she remembers everything and goes to see Harry. When she returns her life is in danger. Will Umbrdige try to kill her? Will Dumbledore try to keep her return secret from the Ministry of Magic? How will Harry and Severus react when they find out Lily is alive? It's up to you. No slash allowed and please NO CP. Also no adult content please. Keep it teen or below.

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