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Summary: In year 5 or 6, Harry finds out his mum and dad were not Lily and James Potter. In fact, he discovers he has two dads and his “mum” is none other than Severus Snape! How Harry’s finds out is up to you, it could be through Creature Inheritance, Medical Need/Accident, Potion Accident/Assignment etc.

Rules of the challenge:
  • Obviously this will be MPREG (male pregnancy)
  • Severus Snape must be Harry’s “Mum”
  • Harry can be the product of a loving relationship or of Non-Con (rape)
  • Harry’s other dad, can be either Lucius Malfoy, Tom Riddle Jr. /Lord Voldemort, or Regulus Black
  • Harry must have been taken/kidnapped from Snape; Snape loved and wanted Harry (even if he was conceived in rape)
  • Harry suffered abuse at the Dursleys and Severus (and other Father if involved in plot) helps his son to heal.
Summary: De-age Harry to 1-2 years, memories intact, but childish. Abused by the Dursleys. Caring Severus.
Summary: When Harry goes to Hogwarts he is mentally challenged.
SEVERUS is the mentally challenged one and HARRY is the one that takes care of Severus.
A mentally challenged toddler Harry and a new adopted dad Severus.
Summary: Write a story where Harry is the youngest of 9 kids. The order can be like these,
  1. Twins, Sextuplets, and Harry
  2. Triplets, Twins, Triplets, and Harry
  3. Septuplets, and twins (Harry being the youngest)
  4. Octuplets, and Harry.
Severus keeps a close eye on Harry cause he is neglected because of his older siblings.
Summary: It starts off as the usual Snape discovers that Harry is his son in first or second year and forces a protesting Dumbledore to remove Harry from the Dursley's to his custody and all of his Gryffindor friends drop him and the Slytherins don't know what to make of him. However during sixth year Dumbledore is killed and Snape/Harry discovers that Dumbledore manipulated them and Harry is not his son, how the Potion's master let his heart or anger deal with the boy? How will his ex-friends react?
Summary: What would have happened if down in the chamber during 2nd year Lockhart did in fact succeed in Obliviating Harry and Ron, causing Ginny to (sadly die) and the return of Voldemort? Will there be a way to return Harry and Ron's memories or will the Wizarding world become overrun by Voldemort and his Death Eaters?
Summary: Harry was never really the child of James and Lily Potter. When he was born he was kidnapped from his real parents Phoebe Halliwell and Cole Turner and placed with the Potter's. After the Potters are killed by Voldemort Harry is sent to live with the Dursley's. When the Halliwell's move to London England more specifically Private Drive after Cole died they meet little Harry Potter a sweet though cunning and vindictive boy. After Phoebe gets a vision of who Harry really is Paige calls in a favor from her old boss getting a Social Service worker to get him out of there. They end up adopting him and raising him as a Wican witch with knowledge of the Wizarding World.

  1. Prue MUST NOT be in this unless as a whitelighter and only for a small amount of time.
  2. Harry MUST be renamed after Phoebe gets custody back
  3. Harry MUST have inherited demon powers and know how to use them as well as at least four of the Charmed Powers and at least 6 other random wican powers and normal wizarding powers.
  4. Voldemort WAS the one to kill the Potter's but is not evil; Dumbledore is evil/manipulative
  5. Harry MUST NOT be sorted into Hufflepuff or Gryffindor.
  6. The Malfoy's and Black's must be sided with Harry.
  7. Harry MUST be more powerful than Wyatt.
  8. Snape isn't an evil git and is aware that Dumbledore is evil.
  9. Harry MUST NOT be an idiot - he should pick up stuff faster than other people - why is up to the author.
  10. Harry must have been adopted between the ages of 3-6.
  11. Fred George Charlie Luna Sirius Remus Hermione and Draco all have to be friends with Harry at one point or another. ALL Malfoy's have to be good.
  12. Dursley's must be slightly to majorly abusive - but NO rape!!!!
  13. NO Harry/Ginny OR Ron/Hermione
  14. Snape must end up as either a father figure or mentor to Harry.

*Phoebe and Snape get together
*Bellatrix becomes an aunt to Harry
*Voldemort is like an older brother to Harry
*Cupid gets Phoebe and Snape together
*Harry ends up with long lasting effects because of abuse from the Dursley's.
*You include Hedwig.
Summary: The Dursley's withheld food practically all summer for Harry, feeding him very little only once every three days. Now Harry's coming back for his fifth, sixth, or seventh year and he's extremely weak. He can barely climb the stairs to get into the castle. He collapses and who should find him? Snape and McGonagall. For some reason they can't take him to the Hospital Wing to be treated.

Bonus if: Snape thinks Harry has passed out because he was drunk, and or Draco takes advantage of Harry's weakness and pushes him down the front steps he has just worked so hard to climb. Bonus if Harry's friends aren't talking to him for some reason, which is the reason he's alone in the first place that night while everyone else is at the feast.

The rest is up to you! Can be a one-shot, but should be a long one-shot (nothing less than five pages... I hate those two paragraph one-shots). Bonus if you make it a multi-chapter story with good plot and character development.
Summary: Severus Snape reluctantly goes to St. Mungo's on Albus' orders and finds that he has a disability (what it is is up to you, but please make sure to thoroughly research it and write it with respect). A part time nanny is hired to take care of little Harry after Severus reacts....badly to the news. Little Harry decides to meddle when he fears they're getting too close.
Summary: AU What if Lily was saved by Severus, she takes a second look and sees the man shes always needed. How does Severus react to a spitting image of the man he hates so much being around his home? REQUIRED: - Snape & Lily marriage/love/romance -Snape & Harry rivalry for Lily's attention - must include the line in the story "If you weren't so much like your father then you could pull your head out your backside and see I love your mother, because she is your mother. You! My son!"

Another not-so-new trope, but with a different take.


This shall be an AU, in which somehow the Potters survive. As such, this is Pre-Hogwarts.

Because Azkaban is overflowing with murderers and terrible Death Eaters, those who are not guilty of murder, rape, and torture are sentenced to years of house arrest.

One of these cases is Severus Snape, who has nowhere to go, until Lily Potter agrees to take him in, so that he can do his time... sharing a home with her, her husband, and their son.

Snape is placed under a spell that is similar to an old Slavery Spell, to ensure that he won't harm the Potters. And it is Lily's job to ensure that James doesn't abuse his power as the "Master".

The "challenge" in this story is that Snape must become a Mentor and/or Guardian of Harry.


I don't mind a dark story, in which James is evil... But that is not what I had in mind. However, you are free to take this in any direction.


None, this time.


This challenge will be slightly different than my others, as I will only put up the premise, and you can do whatever you wish with it.


When Voldemort first heard of the prophecy, the Longbottoms and the Potters had only defied him once, and they didn't even know they were expecting their children.

When they defied him again, and rumors began to circulate about the pregnancies of Alice Longbottom and Lily Potter, he became interested in testing their wills, by giving them one last chance to join him, to see which family fit into the prophecy.

Peter Pettigrew is aware of the plans made for his friends, and on an impulse asks James what would he do in order to protect his family, if the only choices were to join the Dark Lord, or fight until they were all dead.

Finally, when Voldemort asks the Potters if they will join his side, James Potter shocks everyone when he agrees, and takes the Dark Mark.


The entire thing, even what is written above, is up to you, provided that the general idea is intact. That is, James Potter decides that the survival of his family is more important than his pride or desire of glory.


This is, of course, a story that must have Snape and Harry interaction. The reasons behind this interaction are up to you, however, my restrictions are the same as my other challenges: Snape is not a child abuser, characters needing more than one dimension, etc.

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