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Summary: Magic stops working suddenly at Hogwarts.
Summary: Tom Riddle aka Voldemort has kidnapped either Harry or Snape and is using a means of magic to steal the identity and masquerade as the individual at Hogwarts.
Summary: Another sentient, magical group (ie Centaurs, werewolves, vampires) are upset at what they see as unjust magical dominion by wizards. In order to be heard, they have kidnapped someone they believe is important to the Wizarding World. Both Harry Potter and Severus Snape must be involved in some way, both can be kidnapped if you'd like, or one can be kidnapped with the other being the rescuer or the captor, ect. What will the this ordeal entail?
Summary: Dumbledore has forced Snape to enroll in a medic training class. Who better to practice on than Harry Potter?
Summary: In the summer before their first year, every Hogwarts student living in the Muggle world is taken on a tour of the castle by one of the Professors. The prospective students are also tested to make sure they are magical and healthy. It is Snape's turn when Harry Potter's name comes up.

The tour may be for one day, or for a weekend.
Summary: The Hogwarts House Elves have refused to work for some reason, and the staff and students at Hogwarts must learn to get by without them until they come back. Does anyone know how to do laundry? Or cook dinner?
Summary: Hogwarts castle is sentient, and after an incident she is able to use her magic to teach Snape and Harry a lesson.
Summary: When Snape and Harry practice Occlumency or some sort of mind magic, they stumble upon suppressed memories in either Snape or Harry. One believes the other planted them there.
Summary: Inspired by Supernatural. Lily knew the Dark Lord was after her, and she knew she wouldn't be around to protect Harry if something happened to her or James. She makes a deal with a demon that If she gets killed then she will come back as a demon.

She agrees to this and lives her demon life in secret, still looking out for Harry, unlike other demons. Lily somehow managed to hold onto most of her humanity. No one else knows, not even Dumbledore or Voldemort.

The only person who knows of this deal is Severus Snape, who is as we all know is already keeping Harry safe. However an accident happens at the Dursleys and Harry must stay with Severus til school begins....Will they get along?

Can Snape hide his secret about Lily? You decide how Harry will find out about his mother, Is Lily good or evil? Can she help her son defeat the Dark Lord? Will Severus fall for a demon? I want to know so let the writing begin!

Can take place during any year!
Summary: Harry is under a lot of stress and pressure and he begins to crack. The prophecy is hanging over his head, and he knows he has to train to face Voldemort down sooner or later. Ron and Harry have recently been fighting. Harry is dating Ginny and he's finding their relationship to be growing a little demanding when he has so much else to do and worry about. Homework is piling up. Harry is losing sleep. His nerves are frayed and he's at the breaking point. The staff (or Snape) figures out that Harry is under too much strain and pressure, and for Harry's own good decide to temporarily switch Harry's house (to Slytherin much to Snape's displeasure). Once Harry's in Slytherin and the demands on him go back down, he finds that he quite likes being away from all of his responsibilities. What do his friends do? What does Snape think? What relationship do they develop?

I would like to see Harry and Ginny continue dating after the house switch. I would also like to see Harry not really making friends in Slytherin, just him being content to be ignored and having no demands on him for a while. The rest is really up to you. BONUS if it is at least a few decent sized chapters or a very long one shot. I dislike drabbles.

Other ideas: - Harry is put into Slytherin because the hat almost put him there before, so they know it would be a good fit. - Snape has to 'keep an eye' on Harry to see how his stress levels are and if he's still cracking under the pressure. This does not mean counseling sessions. I usually dislike the stories where Snape is an actual counselor instead of parent or mentor or listener.
Summary: Harry and the gang are re-doing their 7th year at Hogwarts since they hadn't been there while they had been in hiding from Voldemort and subsequently defeating said Dark Lord. It's been 6 months since the defeat of Lord Voldemort and the Wizarding World is slowly rebuilding what it had lost, but there is a new threat coming their way and they may need to bring back the recently departed Lord Voldemort to help them defeat this new enemy. It bears a striking similarity to how the Death Eaters travelled with black smoke, but this evil - this darkness, has even what remains of the Death Eaters running for their lives. Not even Harry will be able to fight this one alone, for everyone has darkness hidden inside them; it is what makes you envious, what makes you hate and what makes you angry. It is that darkness made real, and as long as darkness lingers within everyone it will be difficult to defeat.

Other Details:
  • Snape somehow survives the bite from Nagini and continues to teach.
  • Must contain a Mentor/Guardian relationship with Snape and Harry. (How you get there, you get to decide, for example: maybe Harry has Anger Management issues considering everything that has happened.)
  • Snape must adopt Draco as well at some point in the story. (Again the reasons for that are up to you.)
  • There has to be a chance encounter with a wise Centaur.
  • Luna Lovegood must make a few appearances throughout the story. (She has great insight to what is coming. However the characters will have to figure out the riddles she gives as clues.)
  • Harry has to explore his sexuality and end up eventually paired with Draco. (However, you get to decide how it happens, throw a few bumps in there, a few funny turns, but it comes good though.)
  • If you get inspired and come up with some ideas that don't clash with the points above, you can add those to the story as well. (Be creative).
  • Has to be 15 or more chapters. (A decent length stories, with lots of detail.)
  • Lastly, make the journey through the 15 or more chapters interesting.
Summary: Either Harry or Severus gets stuck in a "grounding spell" or "child containment" spell. What exactly that means, how they got there, how the other one fits in, and how long it lasts is up to you, but it should last at least a couple days - enough time for some good laughs and fun!

Some ideas on the spell itself (you may use other ideas if you think of them, or variations):
-on a magical leash/harness (like you see little kids on sometimes), and can't walk anywhere without someone holding the leash
-stuck within 20 feet of someone at all times - perhaps it must be someone they know/not a stranger, or perhaps the someone can be switched somehow, but it should not just be one person always. Maybe it's two designated people?
-has to be touching someone to walk, otherwise legs are stuck together like a leg locker curse
-can't open any doors or cabinets, etc, can't pick up any object not directly given to them recently, can't turn anything on

Some ideas on how it got there (again, you may use others):
-Malfoy and Harry dueling - could hit Harry or rebound onto Snape
-the Dark Lord discovers Snape is a spy and puts it on him as part of his torture/to contain him during torture, but then he is rescued. Perhaps it is permanent or lasts indefinitely in this case

Some other thoughts:
-perhaps put in an "except in emergencies" clause - could be reasonable that such a spell would allow the kid to run if the house were on fire, for example. Does the emergencies clause allow them to defend themselves/duel?

For the most part, take this as you will! The point is to see some funny moments, probably some humiliation. Have fun!

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