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Summary: Hagrid wants to give Harry a photo album of him and his parents in first year (it was end of the year, when Harry was in hospital after the fight with Voldemort). So he asks everybody he knows for photos - even Professor Snape! And Snape obviously has a lot of pictures of Lily.
  • There must be a conversation between Hagrid and Snape about the pictures
  • Snape must struggle about the decision to give those pictures and do it on the condition that Hagrid won't say where he got them from
  • Harry learns at some point in the story - before the famous Shrieking Shack Death Scene - that those pictures came from Snape
  • Harry gives the Potions Master an anonymous present back
  • Harry confronts Snape about the pictures
  • Snape realizes who the anonymous gift giver is and does something about it
  • Summary: Snape is a werewolf. Harry finds out.
    Summary: Harry or Snape is suffering from severe PTSD. The other has to help him through it.

    The events which caused the disorder can be canon or AU. Category is up to author, as is the inclusion of other characters.

    Summary: Cute Deaged Snape......
    Summary: The Muggles have declared war against the Wizards.
    Summary: Harry goes back in time to be his own DADA professor his first year. Featuring Severus Snape, 1st year Harry Potter, and grown-up Harry Potter as the DADA professor.
    Summary: Sixth year, before Harry tried out the Sectumsempra spell, he tried out other things from the Half-Blood Prince's potions book without knowing the full effects. Now Harry's in trouble and only Snape can come up with how to fix it.
    Summary: Harry has a problem, something that his mother had as well when she was younger. It can only be cured by a potion... that her best friend made up.
    Summary: Severus Snape and Harry Potter have both been captured by the Ministry.

    A summer school scenario with letters. Snape has to find out about the letters.

    A week after Hogwarts lets out, Hermoine Granger, 5th year student, starts summer school.  She desperately wants to get her A levels as well as finish Hogwarts at the top of her class.  This summer she's taking English History and Chemistry.  Unfortunately, Chemistry is not on the curriculum at her local high school so she must go out of district.  Imagine her surprise when she sees the teacher... and his when he sees one of his least favorite pupils waltz into his summer classroom!  Severus Snape making some extra cash during the summer as a teacher in Muggle chemistry. 2 weeks later...

    A Letter to Harry from Hermoine

    Dear Harry,

    Oh how I wish I could share my summer with you! It has been so interesting! And so different! As you know, (for I've told you hundreds of times!) I want to complete my A levels along with Hogwarts so I actually started a couple of catch up classes this year---English History and Chemistry.

    English History is great! The teacher is NOTHING like Binns! It's so interesting! Right now we're studying the 100 years war. You'll never believe the things Muggles could come up with--siege engines, murder holes, all kinds of stuff. Imagine pouring boiling oil down on peoples heads! Ugh!!

    But Chemistry; chemistry is absolutely brilliant! I've learned so much and it will help with potions too! Our teacher is absolutely brilliant-sort of a disciplinarian-but patient and he explains things so everyone can understand. I love it! I've learned so much already I can hardly wait for class to start in the mornings. It's 4 hours long so we really get into things. Don't dare be late though, or you don't get into class.

    Oops! Got to go or I will be late!! Write soon!



    Harry's response letter

    Dear Mione,

    I am so Happy that you were able to get into the A level classes we discussed on the train. I wish I could share your summer with you too, especially that chemistry class. The teacher sounds great. I wish they had chemistry instead of potions. I would be great to have your muggle teacher teaching potions. Could you imagine having a teacher like that at Hogwarts? You know how much I looked forward to potions in first year because of the chemistry aspect. It would be so nice to show how much I love both subjects instead of us just self teaching, and experimenting together in the room of requirement.

    Keep me updated on the different types of experiments you are working on in chemistry and what's going on in History. Did they really drop boiling oil on peoples' heads?!

    Got to go, Uncle Vernon is bellowing. You know how he is...

    Your Friend,


    Snape has to find out about the letters and the rest of it is up to you.

    Summary: Snape survives the Deathly Hallows, but forgets how to do magic. With Harry teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts, how are things going to turn out?
    Summary: Magic stops working suddenly at Hogwarts.

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