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Summary: Hurt/Comfort. Harry gets possessed by Voldemort for a brief time during Potions class one day. The experience is excruciatingly painful/traumatizing and leaves Harry hurt/hyperventilating/on the verge of a breakdown/etc. Snape calms him down and takes care of him after the ordeal.
Summary: Got this idea from a video on Youtube that showed Snape in the Great Hall demanding to know where Potter was. What if instead of fighting Minerva, Snape kills the Carrows and calls upon the school to get ready for the Final Battle. What if also, he gave the Slytherins a choice, telling them the truth of who Voldemort really is, his past, and what he was forced to do.

Must have the following:
  1. "Are you with me and Hogwarts?" Snape asks them, his tone deadly serious, "Or are you with Tom Riddle and his Death Eaters? Decide before it's made for you."
  2. Snape confessing that he was forced to kill Dumbledore.
  3. Snape summoning the protections of the school.
  4. Dead Carrows.
  5. Telling Harry the truth about his scar.
  6. No Snape dying at the hands of Voldemort.
  7. Only Comrades, Father, or Healer categories

You can have Voldemort believing that he hasn't mastered the Elder Wand enabling Harry to take it, or you can have all sorts of surprises from anything like Snape adding additional protections to the school to Harry discovering that Snape is his father. Show another side of Snape other than what the scene showed with him running away from Minerva's spells.
Summary: Voldemort had a mistress, one of his most loyal and trusted Death Eaters. She was given one task; to provide him with perfect warriors, perfect followers, perfect heirs. Distraught and driven to madness upon his apparent 'demise' she sets out to remedy her earlier failure by cooking up the children through a perverse mixture of their genetic material and many Dark Arts. After two years she manages to carry to term one viable embryo but the toll proves too much and she parishes giving birth. No one knew of this child's origins and so it was placed into the uncaring, unyielding world of a Muggle orphanage. Growing up much them same way as it's Sire the child shows many difficulty's adjusting socially upon entering Hogwarts. Severus Snape takes a special interest in the child, attempting to keep it from straying down the dark path, ignorant of the importance his influence may hold. Rules ** Snape must at some point (it can be very late in the story but I'd prefer it be after he gets to know the child a bit) figure out the child's origins. With some difficulty, of course, don't make it too easy. ** There must be believable (and parental type) corporal punishment (between any characters you like but especially between the child and Snape) ** You must show evidence of the child's struggle with doing the right thing and darker, more natural impulses ** The character must regularly interact with cannon characters, you can make them rivals or friends, it's your choice Extra points for writing from Snape's point of view or letting 'Moody' and Voldemort find out about the kid
Summary: Write a story (doesn't matter how long or short) where Harry's first child is born and severus is Harry's father, and the child's grandfather in some capacity. Snape can be Harry's father biologically, adopted, mentor ETc make it fun, it can be comedic, dramatic, fluffy...whatever MUSTs: Snape is harry's father in some capacity Sev's reaction to becoming a grandfather I.E: holding the baby for the first time. someone calls him grampy :)
Summary: Severus dies in the final battle. Harry finds out sometime afterward that they were father and son. He goes to Hogwarts to talk to Severus' portrait (or ghost).
Summary: Write a story inspired by the song 'He Didn't Have To Be' by Brad Paisley.
Summary: write a fic based on the peter Gabriel song Father,son. extra house points if you include the lyrics of the song.
Summary: In the books and in the movies it appears as if Harry has difficulties focusing or controlling his impulses. What if Harry was diagnosed with ADD or ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder)? What if there was only one other adult person who understood this muggle disease... because he actually had it?

~ A smart Harry who is understimulated
~ Some type of fostering relationship developing between Sev and Harry
~ Harry being told by Snape that he is not dumb
Summary: When Harry's and Voldemort's spells collide at the end of the final battle, it has an unexpected effect: they both go hurtling back through time, either to the instant after Voldemort's first destruction, or to the end of fourth year (when their wands first connected). Must: -Harry has trouble remembering the future clearly; it either shows as an altered perspective (he thinks the way his future self did without the memory) and/or seer-like visions of the future -Harry decides to give Snape a second chance, knowing what he does now. He's more polite, studious, thankful, stands up for him, etc -Voldemort also has future knowledge, and they're constantly countering each other (e.g. Voldemort moves the Horcruxes, knowing them to be in danger) -Harry's also less antagonistic towards Malfoy, BUT they're not instantly friends -Harry's foreknowledge shouldn't allow him to solve everything, and some of his efforts should end up making things worse Maybe: -If back to pre-Hogwarts, Harry gets Sorted into a different House (like Hufflepuff or Slytherin) -No pairings or light slash preferred; I generally dislike romance -Parseltongue plays a medium to heavy role -Up to you how they interact
Summary: What if Voldemort tried to regain his body immediately after the events in third year by reviving Harry's mother to use as leverage against him and to use her as the 'blood of the enemy, forcefully taken'? What if it went wrong and instead of an adult Lily Potter, the ten year old version of Lily Evans was revived instead and somehow landed in Hogwarts? How would this affect Harry, who is at Hogwarts due to circumstances and his Potions Professor who are present when she comes? How will they handle this and Voldemort and the Triwizard Tournament?

*Note: Little Lily feels safe only with Harry and Severus and refuses to stay with anyone else unless it's both of them.

Summary: Inspired by all of those stories where Harry is severely abused but either nobody notices, or he tells and then isn't believed. In this one, a teacher/ school nurse/ neighbor notices Harry's poor condition, and the abuse (please don't make it too extensive) is revealed. Harry is removed from the Dursleys, they're arrested, and Harry ends up adopted by a nice Muggle family (possibly even changing his last name). Because his new family doesn't have a problem with Harry's magic, Hagrid doesn't take him to Diagon (and he probably goes at a different time, therefore not meeting Draco), Harry's far more confident in himself, etc. Up to you whether Dumbledore and the others realize that Harry is in fact Harry Potter, or if Harry's thought to be a muggleborn. I would like it if Harry's Sorted into a different House. Up to you how Harry and Severus interact; maybe they discover that Severus is Harry's father, but Harry doesn't want to leave his foster family. The foster family can be complete OC's, or the family of one of the canon muggleborns.
Summary: Severus comes upon a magical box, unknown to him at the time this box will give him his second chance with Lily to do what he should have done in the beginning. This box is a dimensional portal that allows the owner to fix one mistake in their past. It allows them to communicate with their past self and as their past self changes that mistake the world alters from what it was to the point that the box will become nothing more than a box and the wizard will have no memory of the box for that one huge mistake they had made will have changed their life onto an alternate path, the path they should have taken in the beginning. The mythical box of changed fate. Would like it to have a happy ending with Lily and Severus married and with a couple of kids, Harry can be in it, wether he is a potter or snape is up to you. Sev is still a potions master as for teaching, it's up to you. Lily's profession something other than a stay at home mom. Big Appreciation if story is larger than 15 chapters. Hugs

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