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Summary: Harry grows up with two sets of memories, his own and...Lily Evans? Must include the myth that when a wizard or witch dies, his/her memories start escaping and if another person physically touching the person, the memories seep into that person. You can decided how Severus comes to know this, and what he does about it.
Summary: Snape has been captured and is being tortured by the dark lord. How will his past come to change the situation for the worse, and what does Harry have to do with it. Required: >Voldemort must play a vile trick of Snape. >The marauders must appear at least once throughout the story. >Harry must not go and try to find Snape at first
Summary: Send Harry to another school... any other school, Muggle or magic. It's your choice and it doesn't have to be a central part of the story, but it would be nice to see Harry at other places now and again.
Summary: Harry has a new pet - or maybe it's not even Harry's pet, but that of somebody else. Either way, said pet is making a proper nuisance of itself. What's Harry to do when it starts getting him in trouble with Snape?

* It can be any sort of pet you desire; dog, cat, magical, canon (i.e. Crookshanks), otherwise

* The pet's owner should be extremely attached to it, despite its naughtiness

* It can be a pet that isn't technically allowed at Hogwarts

* Bonus if the pet gets into mischief generally not attributed to its species (i.e. a cat chewing on shoes)

* NO (intentional) harm must come to the animal. Threats against its well-being perfectly acceptable, so long as they're not carried out

Summary: After Sirius' death , things at the Dursleys' seem to go from bad to worse. Harry was used to the hurtful words from his "family" but now without the threat of a mass murderer as a godfather Uncle Vernon doesn't hold back his rage any longer But when a dead loved one of both Snapes' and Harrys' returns with some shocking news , will Snape And Harry be able to overcome the deep rooted hatred they hold for each other? Will the combined forces of Snape and his beloved Lily be enough to help Harry out of his Depression?
Summary: Harry is held back a grade or sent back a grade due to his focus on quidditch and/or his "saving-people-thing." He is also removed from his house for one reason or another and placed with someone who make him focus.

~ Ron and some other Gryffindors acting as a distraction to Harry's studying
~ Severus fighting with Minerva about Harry

Summary: It turns out that James was Severus' brother/half-brother. Very few know this until Harry sees a copy of his family tree, which he made for a school project, or received from Gringotts. Musts: -Takes place 4th year or after. -Pairings are optional, but Harry/Luna is preferable if there is one for Harry. -Hermione, Neville, and most of the Weasleys should be supportive, while Ron should start out being obstinate and anti-Slytherin. Whether he stays that way or not is up to you. -Severus is initially in denial about the fact that he's related to James and Uncle to his son, but he gets to know Harry and eventually takes over guardianship. -One or both of Severus' parents is still alive and he goes to talk to them after he finds out.
Summary: Harry and Severus are or become identical twins.

Bonus points for:

1) Severus having more power than Harry, thus they look more like Severus does originally
2) Not having them older than 21 and not younger than 11
3) Severus having protective feelings for Harry after they find out or become twins and Severus initially fighting these feelings. (In other words, make it realistic!)
Summary: Sixth year: Harry meets a girl who he thought to be Muggle, but in truth she is actually the "Power the Dark Lord Know's Not." Harry must help the girl break the bond Voldemort put on her so they can defeat him. To do this they must be in Severus Snape's care during the school year, much to their dislike.

Must have:
  • the girl must know Severus some way before she meets Harry and goes into his care
  • must include Draco some way- he becomes friends with Harry and the others, or he takes his Death Eater role to far, you choose.
  • the girl had a dark past
  • Harry and Severus must understand each other by the end
Can include:
  • the Maruaders
  • some form the order character death
Summary: When the Weasleys letters to Harry continued unreplied Dumbledore sends Snape and two others to check on Harry. What they find shocks and revolts them. Harry hasn't had a proper meal in weeks and is literally skin and bones.

Must Haves:
  • Snape must be one of the group sent to check up on Potter though reluctant, the group must also include either Tonks, Kingsley, or Moody in case the Dursleys being a problem, and a third person whom the writer can pick, if the writer wants to expand the group it is up to him or her but Snape must have at least two other people with him
  • Must Take place prior to the chamber of secrets. The challenge was originally written for the summer before second year but can be modified to where Dumbledore is sending the group to find out why Harry hasn't replied to his Hogwarts letter yet
  • For second year the rescue must take place after the Masons' visit, whether or not Dobby still came or had any influence outside of the Masons' visit is up to the writer. First year the boa constrictor incident must have had some factor in his condition
  • Harry must be taken to St. Mungos this kind of condition should be over Pomfrey's level of healing
  • A period of time where he is put into a healing sleep for the first part of his stay there, this can last anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks
  • Dream encounter with his parents during the time he is in the sleep
  • Custody given to either Snape or the non-Auror extra member or dual custody of Harry to both of them
  • Dursleys arrested and put on a public trial much to Harry and Snape's chagrin are charged with child abuse, child endangerment, neglect, and attempted murder
  • Harry seeing Ron and Hermione at least once after he is rescued. If this is prior to first year think of something there are more than one reason for Ron and Hermione to be at St. Mungos ex: physical, shots, volunteer work (more Hermione on this one) etc.
  • Scabbers is discovered as Pettigrew thanks to a fore mentioned dream leading to the realization of Siruis's innocence and freedom. How this affects Harry's relationship with Snape and the guardianship status is up to the writer
  • Harry must start the year late on Healer's instructions.
  • Harry being able to fly. How does the fact he's now nothing but skin and bones affect the Quidditch season? Is he banned from flying and games until he's up to a certain weight? Or in the case of first year does he ever truly discover his natural born talent for flying?
  • An effect of some sort on Harry's DADA treatment. Whether be it Lockhart idiotically trying to relate to Harry or the scar pain being more prominent in Quirrel's lessons, etc. There must be some sort of change even if somewhat minor to Harry and his DADA lessons.
  • Snape having to take Draco to one of his visits with Harry. If this takes place prior to second year it is up to the author whether or not this starts changing their views of each other. For first year stories this might be a way of having Harry get his first wizarding friend. The later could affect things down the road dramatically including what house he ends up in and who his friends are.
  • The group encountering either Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia, or Dudley when retrieving Harry or all three of them
  • A belated birthday party for Harry, who is invited depends on the timeline and whether or not Draco is brought along by Snape to visit Harry
  • Dobby having an unintentional hand in Harry's condition, due to his whole 'Have to protect Harry Potter' thing
  • Draco befriending Harry. If this happens how does this affect the Malfoy family particularly Lucius? Even better how does this affect their relationships with their current friends and housemates? How does this affect house unity?
  • Luna or Neville or both meeting Harry while he's at St. Mungos. In second year Luna could always come along with Ginny. Neville could be visiting his parents but decided he needed some time away and finds Harry.
Do Not Want:
  • Ron bashing. Please refrain from making him to a git or jerk. The boy maybe stupid and jealous at times but he really does care for Harry so please refrain from making him seem uncaring.
  • Overplay of romance. Really do not want to see copious amounts of romance in the story. First of all Harry's a kid shouldn't be looking for something like that for another year or so. With the older characters it's fine to have some romance but try not to overdo it please. What type of pairings they are is up to the author.
  • Auto recovery. Harry cannot go from a scared and abused to a normal kid in matter of a couple of days. This is not how the real world works. Abuse on this level takes a while to repair both physically and mentally and I do not want Harry to be reacting like a normal kid would for at least a few months after the rescue. They don't have to be huge signs. But just make sure that he has reactions you would actually expect of an abused child (examples: unworthiness feelings, protectiveness of possessions, more sensitive to comments (a big one when the COS is opened), etc.
How the rest plays out is completely up to the writer.
Summary: It's 1980, one year before the attack on the Potters'. Severus puts a plan into motion, setting up safe houses along a route from Russia to Canada and into America. All with no one noticing what he is doing.

He accumulates currency into a "retirement fund" of various currencies and denominations along with passports for Lily, her baby and himself.

They must not use any magical means to leave the country, no floo network no apparation... except to exit the house for a car he has set up for them to take on a road trip to the airport.

Snape finds a way to Neutralize the Dark Mark, which he does the night he rescues Lily and Harry, so Voldemort can't find them through his dark mark.

Severus leaves information for Dumbledore about the horcruxes and where they can be found, and informs him that Lily and Harry are safe, and that they will not be returning to the Wizarding World until the war is over.

They Escape to America where Severus becomes a chemistry teacher, and Lily a nurse in a doctor's office, living as Muggles.

Severus and Lily's relationship grows... she falls for Severus, they marry for real and have two children together along with Harry. A daughter and a son or two daughters? It's up to you.

This can be a "Severus returns to fix a mistake" story, or an alternate reality story, or a time travel story or whatever you want - it's up to you.

I would like the story written intelligently and thoughtfully and in character as much as possible, with softening of Snape's personality as he starts to feel secure in his love for Lily and Harry, and their love for him. Remember Severus is a powerful wizard who can create spells and potions, he's a genius with an acerbic toungue.
Summary: Tom Riddle is Harry's father and Severus is his uncle... on his father's side.

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