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Summary: This is a "Harry goes back in time" fic challenge. Harry uses his knowledge of Snape's love for Lily to manipulate Snape. Or at least to get Snape to be less hostile. Perhaps he dyes his hair red? Or wears contacts/goes without his glasses around Snape. How he does it is up to you.
Summary: Once Severus finds out that Harry "has to die" he decides to run away with him -- as well as hunt down the remaining Horcux before Voldemort or Dumbledore finds out that he's betrayed them both.
Summary: Lily and James either come back to life and learn that Harry was adopted by Snape, or they have always been alive and realize that Harry is not James' son, but Severus'.
Summary: Based on the rock opera Tommy, but particularly the song "Cousin Kevin," Harry is being tortured by Dudley (and possibly Vernon, if you wish to focus on that, as well). Snape finds out when Harry's magic can't keep protecting him. May be set any year.
Summary: The isolation from his dorm mates and the insults from Slytherin cause Harry to finally break and try to hurt himself or others. Will this finally open everyone's eyes and make them realize that insults can have sever consequences? Must have Snape and other Slytherins realize how badly they treat Harry. Must take place during fifth year
Summary: In honor of the latest "suspended" message when the Potions and Snitches website was down: Harry is suspended from something... school, quidditch, a class, the ministry? What happened, and what role does Snape have in this?
Summary: There's always been one thing that I have wondered about Harry Potter and that is - was Umbridge truly good? Or did she work for Voldemort? If so, why did she punish Harry so firmly? Wouldn't she have been happy to hear from her old master? Or is there something else sinister in the midst?

If she is actually good then why does she have such dark implements as a blood quill, and why would she use them?

Must have Snape discover Umbridge's punishment of Harry.

Any category, however bonus points if a Father category.
Summary: How would things change if Harry had studied before Potions and answered all Snape's questions perfectly, then became a model student? Would Snape see more of Lily in Harry then?
Summary: Dumbledore had a lot of control over Harry, but Harry gave him that control by agreeing to things and giving his consent, albeit resentfully at times. What if Harry just said no? To be more specific, what if when Dumbledore ordered Harry to have Occlumency lessons Harry just said no? How would his 5th year go, and what role would Severus Snape have?

You may pick any other instance as long as Snape plays a big role.
Summary: Harry and Snape are brothers, Snape knows but Harry doesn't until he is sorted at Hogwarts. James and Lily survived - Harry was kidnapped by James after Lily miscarried. Harry is not the Boy Who Lived, Lily and James' real son is a Harry born two years after that Halloween and our not-real Harry's real parents are dead.
Summary: Harry is sick with some type of cancer, and either has a different relationship than in canon with Petunia or finds a Father/Mentor in Snape. The cancer MUST be from "natural means" (meaning, not like in Recnac Transfaerso story in which he transfers the cancer from a muggle into himself).

  • He may have leukemia
  • He can die at the end
  • The Malfoys can be portrayed in a different "light"
Summary: Harry and Hermione are kidnapped by Snape, the Lestranges, the Malfoys, and.... Lily Evans.

Hermione must be a some type of (biological) relation of the middle two and Harry has to be a (relation) of Snape's. (I'd prefer brother with Lily as Snape's wife, but I'll take what I can get).

~ If the kids are old enough for relationships please no HP/GW or HG/RW

~ Kidnappers can be evil or good (Just opposite of Dumbledore's group)
~ Reason for kidnapping explained
~ If Dumbledore is the evil one, please include a good explanation of it.

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