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Summary: Instead of giving Harry his memories at the last second, Snape tells him that he is must die at Voldemort's hand.
Summary: "You want to know why they did that to him, Severus? Why they beat Harry and treated him like a house-elf? I'll tell you, all Petunia sees in Harry is a chance to gain revenge on a dead parent she loathed. A parent Harry can't even remember. Should she ever divorce Veronon, you'll be in luck. You two are obviously meant for each other." McGonagall snapped, not bother to see the ashen face of the Wizard she was berating as she carried Harry to the Infirmary.

Think that sums it up. No Snape being Harry's bio-dad. Adoption is fine Anything else goes.
Summary: Harry is buried alive and injured. Snape has to keep him talking and for some reason, Harry says the first things that comes to his mind. The how, what, where, and when is up to you! Bonus if Snape learns about the Dursleys.
Summary: Your goal is to write a story of any length with any characters including Harry and Severus that responds to 2 or more challenges at the same time.

Bonus if you use 3 challenges in your story. Super bonus if you can use 4 or more.

Be sure to list all of your challenges in your story!

This challenge is meant to get people using up some of those challenges!

Be sure to go all the way back in the archives of challenges to get some good ideas!
Summary: Harry is taken off of the quidditch team due to his poor grades without chance of him getting back on. He is in danger of being expelled, when a dark potion master steps in.

~ Harry being pulled out of Gryffindor (and the reason why)
~ Severus banning Harry from interacting with certain individuals. (Writer's choice)

Summary: A cleared-of-all charges Sirus Black disowns Harry from the Potter and Black lines for acting in a un-Potter like fashion.

How does Snape react? Does he help Harry or hurt him more?

Bonus points if:
~ Harry is told he cannot use either his first and or last name.
~ Lily leaving her son money
~ Harry in danger of having the magic from his father side ripped out of him, along with all his other Potter characteristics.

Summary: The day Ronald Weasley asked to share a compartment on the Hogwarts Express shaped the rest of Harry's life as we know it. What would've happened had Ron found another compartment? Kudos to you if you can... -Have Harry sit with a less likely candidate. (Like Draco or Neville, but feel free to do whatever you want.) -Create a lone wolf type Harry. -Sort Harry into Ravenclaw, Slytherin, or Hufflepuff. Have fun!
Summary: I would like to see a plot developed by the Dark Side to repopulate the wizarding world. Voldermort as come up with a plan to discredit high ranking Light society members. Harry will be son, or enemy, or ward of Severus at any point in his existance. You may choose to use anyone for a sperm donor for any number of characters. I would like to see the phrase: "Holy hell, Batman!" used.
Summary: Severus Snape becomes a child in his mind/is regressed to that of a small child mentally while his body is the same. Between the age of 4 and 7.

Must have in it:
  • Albus or Harry Potter finds him in that condition (remember Severus was an abused child)
  • Harry becomes involved because he is a compassionate soul despite his reservations about Snape.
  • Harry and Snape become like brothers/friends, like his mom was to Severus
  • Severus falls in love with a plushie Badger
  • Severus may act like he dislikes Albusís colorful robes but secretly he wants them like any small child.
  • Albus buys Severus a colorful wardrobe which Severus is secretly delighted with (colorful and printed robes which Severus becomes attached too and wears all the time to the point that stitching spells and the like no longer can fix them)
  • Please remember Severus loves potions so he might already know a thing or two about potions and he may also know a thing or two about magic because his mother did teach him a few things as a small child.
  • Must be 25 chapters long or longer.
  • Can take place during or after the war
  • No character deaths unless it is Voldemort and Peter Pettigrew.
  • The Whole Weasley Clan and Albus are very much alive.
Draco interaction optional. Lucious interaction optional.
Summary: Instead of Tom's Diary getting to Ginny, it winds up with Harry. Confiding all his thoughts into his new friends, he changes drastically when he reaches Hogwarts. Will Severus be able to save him and learn to see that he's nothing like his parents?
Summary: Write a story where Snape has to be a father to both Harry and Luna. Include the words "Father to two" and "When you were young." Must be at least 3000 words and have two chapters
Summary: During PS/SS, McGonagall puts Harry, Ron and Hermione in detention after they mention the Stone. Quirrel gets the Stone for Voldemort, and he creates a new body for himself and funds his takeover of the Wizarding World. Harry and Snape find out that Dumbledore has been manipulating them so Harry can become a martyr and Snape his pet spy. They team together to destroy both Dumbledore and Voldemort.

However, the funding Voldemort has created has seriously inflated the economy. The gold standard plummets. Sickles and Knuts are worth more than Galleons. Gold is worth the same as pewter or less.

Required: Snape and Harry teaming up to topple Dumbledore and Voldemort; Hermione falling for Harry; Goblins; Weasley Twin pranks

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