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Summary: Go to this site: http://hpideagen.blogspot.com/ Use the idea generator there to formulate a story. It can be a one shot or longer! Be sure to write which idea sentence you chose in an author's note!
Summary: I've seen many Severus vampire fanfictions where Harry becomes a son to Severus, but most of them have Harry being turned by Severus when he is really young or they are unfinished.

Therefore, I challenge writers to write a story where Harry is turned when he is in school or as a young adult.

~ Harry is turned
~ Severus looks younger than however he appears normally in the books/movies

~ When Harry is turned he appears younger or even child-like
~ Harry can look like Severus exactly or gain some similar features to Severus. In other words, points if you make him look less like James Potter.
~ Harry may look like his mother more
~ The relationship between the two vampires must become positive, even if it starts off as antagonistic.
~ If you do have Harry paired up with someone romantically, please no Ginny!

Summary: Professor Severus Snape is also a talented artist. As is Harry. Somehow these two discover each other's talents. How do they react to each other?

Summary: What if Harry Potter was just like Hermione? Brainy, bossy, and a Know-It-All. He'd rather read a book, Potions, Transfiguration, Charms, and Herbology magazines, than go on any kind of adventure. How would Snape react to him, how would the Gryffindor's react to their savior being a Know-It-All who is demanding them to do their homework, hates Quidditch, loves the Library, and later on tries to free House Elves because he believes that they're enslaved. Harry and Hermione friendship is a must in this story, along with Gryffindor trouble, and Dumbledore attempting to put Harry's life in danger.
Summary: Harry says "It's nothing," when Snape asks about (something. Your choice. Say, being abused by the Dursleys. Or Sirius's death or something.). Snape believes him.
Summary: Strange dream I had last night - Harry is branded with the Dark Mark... It might even already be a challenge on here, but I thought it was a really interesting idea. How does Harry get branded? Does Snape whitness this? If Harry's at school, do they know he's been branded? Does Harry try to keep it a secret? And what happens when Voldemort summons his Death Eaters? Enjoy!! Just thought it would be cool to see if anyone had any ideas, respond with anything if you want to. Snape can be mean, canon, friendly, what ever you want him to be! Any other characters welcome, and it can be any length - I just want to read about a Harry with a Dark Mark!! (Evil, I know...)
Summary: Severus has to use his original (Yorkshire?) accent for some reason.

~ Severus uses it to protect Harry in some way
~ The use of the accent can be for a prolonged period or a short amount of time.

Summary: What if Severus had lied to the Dark Lord all those years ago and told him that Harry was his child in order to protect Lily, knowing she would never place her life before her son's? How much would be changed by one little white lie?

Summary: Snape gets Memory Loss by a potion, and Harry is put to the task of taking care of him until he gets his memories back. Can take place anywhere from his Fifth year to when he is grown. Must have visits from friends, enemies, and other teachers. Ignores HBP/OOTP/
Summary: Hurt/Comfort. Harry gets hypothermia (or gets close to it). Did he fall through an icy lake? Did the Dursleys kick him out of the house one winter and make him sit out in freezing temperatures? Did he go for a walk one day and get caught in a snow storm or get so distracted thinking about something that he failed to notice hypothermia creeping up on him? How he gets it is up to you. Snape runs into him somehow and helps him out.
Summary: Harry was born with down syndrome. How does this change his 'destiny'. Do the Dursley's take him in after Lily and James are killed? How does he manage at Hogwarts? Does he go there at all? How's Severus involved? Bonus brownies if you manage to bring Draco into it! (A friendly Draco please!)
Summary: Hurt/Comfort. Harry gets possessed by Voldemort for a brief time during Potions class one day. The experience is excruciatingly painful/traumatizing and leaves Harry hurt/hyperventilating/on the verge of a breakdown/etc. Snape calms him down and takes care of him after the ordeal.

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