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Summary: Post-war AU. Dumbledore and Snape never died. Harry defeated the Dark Lord, but some death eaters are still on the loose and they want Harry, as well as Snape for his treachery against Voldemort. As a way of protecting them, giving them a break from fighting, and giving one of his boys a better childhood, Dumbledore sends them into hiding with another order member, with either Snape or Harry de-aged to better disguise them. Which one is de-aged and to what age is up to the you, as is where they end up going. A crossover is cool if you want to write one, but not necessary. Optional variation: both are de-aged and the order member is their new guardian. The preferred order member is Kingsley Shacklebolt, but any one will do. Must have at least one use of the 'thumb of comfort' (If anyone wants to know what this is, message me in the shoutbox).

I want to see a story where Harry comes to Hogwarts and is sorted into either Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff, not Gryffindor or Slytherin.

As you all know, Ravenclaw students are characterised by their wit, learning, and wisdom, while Hufflepuff values hard work, patience, loyalty, and fair play. It is up to you how you make those traits a part of Harry's personality. Perhaps it is his curiosity that makes him fit for Ravenclaw? Or maybe his loyalty towards his friends make him a good Hufflepuff?

If you choose to put him in Ravenclaw, please don't make it solely because he used to be bullied by Dudley and hid out at the school Library. I feel like that has been done already. Similarly if he is abused by the Dursleys, please don't make it too severe. Some is ok but don't make the poor guy drag himself to school with broken bones, bleeding wounds all over his body and a killer headache, ok?

Things you might want to include:

How do people react when their hero is not in Gryffindor?

How does Snape react when Potter is in fact not a carbon copy of his father? Does he still resent the boy, or does he see that there is more than that to him?

What friends does he have? The same as in canon, or new charachters?

Do Draco and Harry have classes together anyway? How about flying? Is their rivalry as pronounced as it is in the book, or are they more of two guys who just don't get along very well but don't see much of each other anyway?

Summary: Harry falls pregnant at Hogwarts. Harry is either with Charlie Weasley, Bill Weasley, or another older Wizard.
Summary: During Occlumency, Snape finds the memory of Aunt Marge calling Lily a female dog and is furious. Whether or not he shows that anger to Harry is up to you. However, that summer, Harry has to spend the first week with Aunt Marge and, who should show up at her doorstep, asking for a word, but Professor Snape!
Summary: I just want a moment between Harry and Snape after Harry realizes that Snape put himself between an angry werewolf and Harry, Ron, and Hermione.
Summary: Harry develops a rare power/ability. The only other person who also has this ability, something similar to it, or any real working knowledge of it is Snape. Snape reluctantly (at first) helps Harry deal with his new power, and teaches him how to control and use it. Snape eventually adopts him. What the ability is, and when the story takes place is up to the writer.

In most fanfics, Snape always goes on and on about Harry being just like his father, consented by Dumbledore, and has no regard for others' well being...

What if all of that were true?


  • Harry is a ruthless prankster, and gains lots of enemies, and a few allies.
  • Snape eventually realizes that Harry's attitude towards people is a self-defense mechanism. (Similar to Snape's, actually. "Make everyone hate me, so that I won't be hurt if they love me and leave me.")
  • Dumbledore consents Harry's behavior. But Snape and the other teachers don't.
  • Your job is to come up with a plausible reason for them to end up as adoptive father and son.


Harry's enemies and allies must be within the student body, and only CANON characters. No OCs accepted.


In many Severitus challenge takes, Lily sends a letter to Harry and Severus, telling them about how she erased Severus' memories, put powerful charms on Harry, and (sometimes) lied to James about Harry's paternity. She tells them she regrets it, that she would have told them the truth much sooner. She often says she loves Severus, and would have left James.

Of course, by then, she's dead. And we're to read what happens to Severus and Harry... But, what if she lived to deal with this?


  • You pick whether Lily was single or already married to James Potter, when she became pregnant with Harry "Snape."
  • Likewise, you pick whether James Potter knew or not.
  • Voldemort is temporarily defeated by the Longbottoms. (Whether it's the parents, or baby Neville, it's up to you.) War is over!
  • If you want it easy, you could kill off James Potter. (You still have Sirius and Remus to make things interesting...) But it's more challenging if James was still alive.
  • Now, the point of the story, what you must write about, is this: Does Lily do as she intended to do in her letters? Does she tell Severus? Does she remove the charms on Harry? Does she tell James, if she hadn't already? Or does she wait until the time she intended to have the letters delivered? How does it all affect Harry, Severus, and James?


  • No character bashing. No matter which one.
  • No manipulative!Dumbledore.
  • The Horcruxes must exist.

During HBP, in one of the many Voldemort Lessons with Dumbledore, the old man leaves Harry alone in his office.

Harry being Harry, accidentally brushes a lamp and a genie pops up. He (or she) tells Harry that he can make three wishes.

What will Harry wish for?

The story must somehow involve Snape.

You can either find inspiration from The Monkey's Paw (negative wishes), or Disney's Aladdin (positive wishes), or some in-between combination.

Summary: Dumbledore is behind the wizarding war. Harry may be the one to stop Voldemort, but Severus is the one to stop Dumbledore. Dumbledore and Voldemort are not friends. Dumbledore allowed Voldemort to come to power so Voldemort would kill off those who would stand up against him when he tries to take power. No R rated material allowed.
Summary: Wizards had spotted Harry before his return to the Wizarding World. What if one had seen the abuse and reported it to someone who can (and does) make a real difference? (For example: a photographer sees it and reports it to the paper, a citizen sees it and reports it to Law Enforcement, etc.)
Summary: During the the summer after his 4th year Harry leaves the house and takes a bus somewhere after his aunt tells him to leave the house for the day. Harry meets Tobias and becomes friends. Tobias hasn't seen his son in years after leaving him and his mother. Some ideas. Tobias wants to fix his relationship with his son, but is afraid of rejection. Harry not knowing his last name encourages him to and finds out his potions teacher is his son. Severus runs into Harry and his father.

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