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Summary: During Harry's first year, it is apparent that Voldemort is hiding somewhere at Hogwarts, and Harry is sent home for safety whilst the school and grounds are searched.

Snape is the one who is asked to escort Harry there and back. Remember, at this point, Harry believes Snape is the one in league with Voldemort.

Must have:
- The Dursleys discovering Harry can't do magic
- Snape's illusions of Harry's pampered life shattering
- Harry scared that Snape will take the opportunity to bump him off away from Dumbledore

Can have:
- Snape having to spend some time at Privet Drive with Harry

Can't have:
- Dursleys being too scared of Snape to do anything awful to Harry
- Manipulative/not very nice Dumbledore
- No slash
Summary: Snape makes Harry believe he is his father.

When they meet, something gives Harry that impression, and Snape goes along with it.

After they have known each other some time, Harry gets amnesia/Confunded/something along those lines, and somehow ends up believing Snape is his dad.

Must have:
- Snape does not correct him, letting him believe the lie for whatever reason
- If the second variation, they have to have known each other at least a year and a half
- Snape still loves Lily
- Whilst under the pretence, Snape does or says something that, once Harry knows the truth, helps him realise Snape has grown to care for him

Can have:
- Harry figuring it out
- Someone else realising what is going on and stepping in
- Snape having a crisis of conscience and admitting the truth
- Harry being very very angry either way
- The two being in some kind of isolation to make finding out the truth harder

- Snape did not plan in advance, but takes advantage of a situation
- Snape is NOT Harry's bio dad; it HAS to be a lie
- No Harry finding out it is a lie before any kind of bonding has a chance to take place
- No Manipulative/not-very-nice!Dumbledore
- No character bashing
- No slash
Summary: Dumbledore's information is wrong. He leaves Harry at 4 Privet Drive, but it's not the Dursleys that live there. McGonagall either wasn't watching, or didn't know it wasn't the Dusleys she was observing. The current residents contact the previous residents (the Dursleys), who either say they don't want Harry or deny any knowledge of his existence. They decide to raise him themselves. The new residents of Privet Drive can be canon or crossover characters, but not OCs.
Summary: What if during his 4th or 5th year Harry feels his friends are turning against him? Harry gets angry and calls Hermione a mudblood in potions class. Harry then tries to apologize to Hermione. Severus sees all of this. He has a talk with Harry later. Characters must make changes for the better later on. No slash allowed. Optional: Harry and Hermione pairing.
Summary: Harry quits the war. Snape is sent to bring him back. Neither is happy about it.
Summary: Aunt Petunia is actually a witch.Nobody knew she could do magic, not even herself. She never showed magical signs as a child. During Harry's 4th year her magic is discovered. Dumbledore allows her to attend Hogwarts as a student. Uncle Vernon and Dudley die in a car crash. How will Petunia react to having her childhood enemy as a teacher? Harry will learn of his potions teacher's friendship a lot earlier. Rules: Petunia is not in Slytherin. Severus and Petunia must eventually change for the better.
Summary: Harry and his friends end up on the Titanic through some sort of accident during 5th year. They are unable to do magic on the ship when it is sinking. Draco, Albus, McGonagall, and Severus end up there with them. A character almost dies. Draco must change for the better. No slash allowed.
Summary: Lily's letters, explaining a secret father son relations ship to Harry and Severus, are accidentally sent to the wrong person (someone in the order of the phoenix). One of three things occurs: A)The person does NOT tell Severus OR Harry, and leaves things the way they are. (this is better as a oneshot) B)The person tells Harry OR Severus and helps them with the new revelation. C)The person doesn't tell Severus OR Harry, but ONE of then finds out anyway. NOTE! -Only one of them can find out! That one will be responsible for telling the other! -If it takes place in the seventh year SEVERUS CANNOT DIE! -The letters can only be sent to a member of the order of the phoenix! No death eaters!
Summary: Students are allowed to dress up during Harry's 5th year. Harry Potter wears a costume in potions class and gets his potions professor to laugh. Nothing vulgar allowed. Ideas: 1. Harry Potter acts in character of what he dresses up as. 2. Harry passes out candy to people he comes across. 3. Harry ends up in detention through no fault of his own and shows up in costume.
Summary: Ok, so I see a lot of Halloween challenges, but I never really see a true horror challenge. So here it is. Respond to any of the following prompts (and this does not have to take place on Halloween to be part of the challenge):

Respond to one of the following:

1) Snape is Harry's dad. Just when Harry is starting to trust and or like him, it turns out that Snape really is evil. Snape kills Ron or someone else Harry cares about, and somehow the blame gets placed on Harry. Be as horrific as you want. This is a horror story. This is not a dream.

2)Harry is evil. Truly evil. **Ideas: Snape must stop him - Harry gets Snape blamed for something horrific like murder or someone's disappearance, etc - or you decide the details.** This is not a dream.

3) Harry wakes up to find out that his worst nightmare is true and he is a death eater and has done evil things with his life. **(Options: Snape is Harry's evil death eater dad - Harry is an adult - Harry has somehow been transported to this alternate reality** Note that this is not a dream, it is really truly happening.

4) Harry is in Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff. He is friends with whoever you want (or has no friends at all if you want). Snape is Harry's dad and they get along well. There has been a murder and several disappearances during the school year of staff and students alike. Harry has determined himself to find out who the murderer is. In the end, he finds out that either it's A) Himself or B) Snape. This is not a dream.

5) There is a horrific monster or goul or ghost of some kind terrorizing the students of Hogwarts. Harry has let it loose (you decide if it was on accident or on purpose). It possesses people, and while in their bodies makes them do evil things that they later forget. Harry must stop it. You decide how much of a roll Severus has and what relationship he is to Harry.

6) Albus Dumbledore is really evil and nobody knows it until Harry sees him do something awful. Harry isn't sure who to trust anymore now that his world has been turned on it's head. In the end, he knows he must bring Dumbledore down before he can even attempt to take out Voldemort. He ends up trusting Snape. You decide all the particulars.

NO DRABBLES. One shots should be at least four pages. Bonus if your story is at least 3 or 4 chapters. Remember, these stories do not have to take place on Halloween. In the spirit of Halloween, I consider this a Halloween challenge because of the horror elements provided in the prompts for you. Please do not end any of these stories with Harry 'waking up' and finding out it was all just some nightmare.

Looking forward to seeing what you all write!
Summary: Lily never died but everyone believed she did. Body was never found but believed to have been destroyed along with house. Must be in Harry's 5th year. James is actually dead. She doesn't all of the sudden reveal her self in the beginning to the world. Harry is the first one she reveals herself to. She is unsure if she should trust Dumbledore or not. Umbridge must be included and Severus. Must be a scene we where Severus saves Lily. Ideas: 1. She meets Harry at her sister's house and they spend some time together during the summer before 5th year starts. She tells him not to tell anyone about her before going back to school. 2.She could work at a shop in Hogsmead or a sub teacher and isn't recognized. 3.As a sub teacher or hogsmead shop worker, Lily could attack Umbridge at Hogwarts revealing herself to save Harry from her.
Summary: I want to see an abused!Harry story where Harry is untrusting, a little shy, and has been placed by the hat into Slytherin as a first year. Snape doesn't like him but he isn't being exactly horrible to him either. Harry just starts to get comfortable in his first week there when suddenly he's removed from Slytherin and put into Gryffindor, the house he 'should be in' according to Minerva McGonagall, and a host of other worried people in the Ministry. The decision has been made, and Harry has no control over it. Now he feels like he's been singled out and made an example of and feels all the more alone. What's more, the Gryffindors don't want him there and Ron Weasley and the others make no effort to keep that quiet. Snape doesn't like that Potter has been snatched from Slytherin because his authority seems to count for nothing, but he's relieved to have the Potter 'brat' out of his house and out of his hair. Where does this leave poor half starved, injured Harry though? He wants to go back to Slytherin. How will he get there?

Bonus if Harry actually goes to Snape for help with his injuries after he's been taken from Slytherin.

Bonus if it's at least three chapters long.

Bonus if in the end, Ron at least comes to like Harry at least a little (but not too fast) and at least becomes an acquaintance rather than an enemy.

Note: Draco should be Harry's friend in this story. It's required.

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