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Summary: Snape survives Nagini's bite, but is laid up in the Hospital Wing for a while. Harry, meaning to help his savior out, makes sure the whole school knows that Snape was really a good guy. He leaves out the part about Lily, of course, but the whole being forced to do crimes for the greater good, having to kill his father/mentor figure, doing everything in his power to protect the students, etc. is fair game. Soon, Snape is the most popular teacher in the school. The girls (and even some of the guys) have a major crush because of the whole tragic hero angle. The whole student body wants to thank him for doing all he could to save them, despite them clearly hating him at the time. Meanwhile, Snape and Harry have things they need to talk about, but they just can't because there are so many visitors and well-wishers.
Summary: Harry is now a teacher at Hogwarts, and when a student comes to Hogwarts (girl or boy) he finds out he has a child from a past relationship that he didn't know about (for whatever reason). Harry is upset and really doesn't want to accept the child (you decide why) and the child ends up getting hurt feelings. Somehow, in this process, it's discovered that Snape (who is still teaching there) is Harry's father (I'm thinking Snape informs him of this because he wants to give guidance and doesn't want Harry to make the same mistakes he did). Now Professor Harry Potter is faced with two hurts, a father who didn't want to take responsibility of him, and now wants to be part of his life, and a child who he isn't sure he wants but who he risks hurting. All the rest of the details are up to you.
Summary: I would like for someone to write a story with Harry and Severus are brothers. You decide how they find out they are brothers and what age at which Harry is. I would like Harry to eventually go out with Oliver Wood it is not needed.
Summary: Write a Wingfic. Either someone (Harry or Severus), or everyone, has wings. Ideas: -AU where everyone has wings. -Some wizards have wings, some don't, and no one knows exactly why. Muggles can't see them, but squibs can. -Harry suddenly grows wings, whether through magical inheritance or for some other reason. At first he resents them, thinking that they are just another thing that makes him a freak, but he learns to love them. -Severus just knew that Harry was going to be just like his father. Seeing Harry's wings changed his opinion dramatically. Things to think about: -What do a person's wings say about their life and personality? -If everyone has wings, then what about brooms? -Don't limit yourself to birds - there are also bats and insects.
Summary: Snape is trying to get custody of Harry but Sirius, as James's best friend and Harry's godfather, won't stand for it. Snape could be Harry's biological father or not. Sirius could still be a fugitive. Bonus if Sirius just drops the suit when he finds out 'Snivellus' really is Harry's dad.
Summary: Snape catches Harry trying to hatch a basilisk or with a hatchling. Keep the basilisk canon or make the mythical one a different breed, just remember that basilisks don't breed/hatch themselves. (They are made from a chicken egg under a toad.)

Whether Snape helps Harry out or not is up to you.
Summary: 5 times Snape saved Harry's life, and 1 time Harry saved Snape's.
Summary: Crossover challenge between Harry Potter and Supernatural.

Sam Winchester gets his Hogwarts letter. It can be at the age of 11, or at some other age if you prefer (adult Sam in a school full of wizarding children? XD Priceless.)

It must have:
Dean Winchester following his brother to Hogwarts. He can be supportive, distrustful, whatever you like. Bonus points if he gets a letter as well.

Harry and Snape must be in it (obviously). However, how they are, what's going on, etc. is up to you. (Perhaps Sam is Sorted into Gryffindor? Slytherin? Etc.)

John Winchester features in the story.
Castiel goes to Hogwarts, too. (Student? Professor? Something else?)
Sam and Harry make friends, accidentally pushing Dean away.

Can be set any year, but Harry must be in Hogwarts, he can't have graduated or be too young to attend.

How do the Winchesters deal with a magical world full of the "monsters" they're used to killing? What about Voldemort? All sorts of possibilities!
Summary: Forgive me, but I've always wanted to see this crossover or something similar to it.

Write a story in which there are creatures similar to Pokemon (you can make them up as you go if you like, actually that would be better than just throwing Pokemon into the mix).

The children sometimes have these creatures as pets.

The creatures have powers.

The children and staff use these creatures to battle alongside them in duels (especially helpful in battles against bad guys).

The creatures are in general friendly and not mean.

There is probably a class there at Hogwarts that teaches the students how to battle their creatures. There is also probably a club (or several).

There may even be some sort of battle league that's as popular as Quidditch.

Perhaps this fad of acquiring the creatures and using them in battle came back after Grindewald had come to power in Dumbledore's heyday.

Things to think about:

- What are these creatures called?
- What are their powers?
- What are their limitations?
- What are the rules of these duels?
- What are school rules regarding these creatures?
- How many are students allowed to have?
- Do staff have these creatures?
- Where do the creatures sleep? What do they eat?
- How are they kept? In cages? Are they conjured? Are they kept in a device similar to a Poke-Ball?

BONUS: If this is a full length story with good angst. Points taken away if there's Slash.

Summary: Post-war AU. Dumbledore and Snape never died. Harry defeated the Dark Lord, but some death eaters are still on the loose and they want Harry, as well as Snape for his treachery against Voldemort. As a way of protecting them, giving them a break from fighting, and giving one of his boys a better childhood, Dumbledore sends them into hiding with another order member, with either Snape or Harry de-aged to better disguise them. Which one is de-aged and to what age is up to the you, as is where they end up going. A crossover is cool if you want to write one, but not necessary. Optional variation: both are de-aged and the order member is their new guardian. The preferred order member is Kingsley Shacklebolt, but any one will do. Must have at least one use of the 'thumb of comfort' (If anyone wants to know what this is, message me in the shoutbox).

I want to see a story where Harry comes to Hogwarts and is sorted into either Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff, not Gryffindor or Slytherin.

As you all know, Ravenclaw students are characterised by their wit, learning, and wisdom, while Hufflepuff values hard work, patience, loyalty, and fair play. It is up to you how you make those traits a part of Harry's personality. Perhaps it is his curiosity that makes him fit for Ravenclaw? Or maybe his loyalty towards his friends make him a good Hufflepuff?

If you choose to put him in Ravenclaw, please don't make it solely because he used to be bullied by Dudley and hid out at the school Library. I feel like that has been done already. Similarly if he is abused by the Dursleys, please don't make it too severe. Some is ok but don't make the poor guy drag himself to school with broken bones, bleeding wounds all over his body and a killer headache, ok?

Things you might want to include:

How do people react when their hero is not in Gryffindor?

How does Snape react when Potter is in fact not a carbon copy of his father? Does he still resent the boy, or does he see that there is more than that to him?

What friends does he have? The same as in canon, or new charachters?

Do Draco and Harry have classes together anyway? How about flying? Is their rivalry as pronounced as it is in the book, or are they more of two guys who just don't get along very well but don't see much of each other anyway?

Summary: Harry falls pregnant at Hogwarts. Harry is either with Charlie Weasley, Bill Weasley, or another older Wizard.

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