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Summary: Severus Snape was a happy father of two, despite being in hiding from Lord Voldemort, when a tragic event destroys his happiness.

His son has been kidnapped and his daughter has been left injured on Halloween of 1981 and no amount of searching or spell casting can find him.(It's up to you as to why) He raises his daughter and when the time comes, she goes to Hogwarts but under a different name to avoid any kind of bullying she might get.

You can call her whatever, put her in any of the houses so as to fit your story. She can get along with Harry or not, it doesn't really matter. But they do have to get along in the end, it doesn't have to be that they're really close but they have to be civil, at least.

Story must:

  • Be set during one or more of the first six years (extra kudos for using Goblet of Fire and having them both in the tournament)
  • Have a reveal about Snape having a daughter
  • Have a reveal about Harry being Snape's kidnapped son
  • Evil Dumbledore, or, at least, evil Dumbledore but with good intentions.
  • Abusive Dursleys

Story can:

  • Have Lily as their biological mother, but doesn't have to.
  • Have some sort of addiction to something (drugs or something else) for either Harry or the daughter, or both.

Would be interesting if you included things such as:

  • A summer with all three Snapes living together
  • A massive Wizarding Trial, if you have an evil Dumbledore
  • Draco in a relationship with someone
  • How Snape would deal with one of his children being severely injured
  • Harry Potter died that night, and that is the reason Severus's son was taken
Summary: Snape forces Harry to take a drug test after he either catches Harry with drugs, or is suspicious that Harry is using. Whether Harry is positive or negative is up to you.
Summary: Can take place any time after 1st year, and must cover multiple years. Harry gets a beating from his uncle before leaving for school, and when he can do so, he retreats to an abandoned classroom to tend to his injuries. He is discovered by a Slytherin in his year (not Draco) hoping to do the same. They become friends. Snape finds out about the relationship, although it takes quite awhile for him to discover the reason for it, and is initially against his snake's friendship with Harry. He gets over it eventually, and takes them both in after discovering the abuse.
Summary: Everyone has secrets. Snape finds out one (or more) of Harry's (can be abuse - related, but doesn't have to be) and his opinion of Harry changes.
Summary: Harry Potter is deaged when Voldemorts resurrection ritual goes wrong (killing Voldemort forever optional) and is teleported back to Hogwarts as an 18 month toddler. Dumbledore gives Harry to Snape to care for. Snape takes care of Harry and is the story of him growing up again. Required, Harry is NOT toilet trained, He either stays at Hogwarts or Snape's house, Corporal Punishment is used (no abuse).
Summary: The Potter estate is in Snape's possession. How did this happen?
Summary: Voldemort manages to kill Harry Potter, not knowing that Harry is a Horcrux. Severus Snape takes the body home, only to realize that Harry, against all odds, has come back to life.
Summary: He's not crazy, but the Dursleys decide the best way to get rid of Harry is to commit him against his will to a psychiatric facility.
Summary: Before Harry even learns about Hogwarts he comes into possession of a special stick, a wand, and he uses it to do magic.
Summary: Harry gets sick or injured at The Dursleys and has to have surgery, The Dursleys refuse to care for him so Dumbledore calls in Snape to care for Harry, what will happen?
Summary: Snape had a bit of 'fun' after Hogwarts, and fathered two children. Harry with Lily, and another child with someone else. The other child must be a canon character, but not Draco. Whether he knows about either child is the writer's choice. Romance is also the writer's choice, but no Harry/Draco or Harry/Ginny. Can take place at any point during Harry's Hogwarts years.
Summary: Snape is disguised as Sirius Black. What scheme does he have regarding Harry?

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