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In which Dumbledore delights in confusing and/or embarrassing all and sundry - but particularly his 'boys'. This may be in a misguided attempt to give them a common goal (such as to find out what is going on), for his own amusement, for the purpose of providing them with a humorous counter-balance to all the horrible things they've experienced, or because someone tampered with his lemon drops (or possibly removed them). Other reasons are also possible, but if the lemon drop option is selected, it would be interesting if his lemon drops contained some kind of medication - perhaps it's the only way he can be convinced to take his medicine?

Things I would like to see (Please pick at least three):

More random words along the lines of Harry's first year's welcoming speech, the more esoteric the better. Bonus points for words from other languages (he's supposed to be multilingual, after all) or from old and/or middle English. Callipygian is a good example, and means a rather shapely and beautifully proportioned rear end. Context is optional; there does not need to be any at all.

Sock thefts/swaps/gifts/all of the above. Bonus points for socks that glow (for Severus), and detailed reactions to embarrassing socks.

Dumbledore on a trampoline (this is optional, but after seeing Dumbledore's Flying Kick by lilette on deviantArt, I had to mention it.)

Dumbledore giving either Severus or Harry (or both) a stuffed animal of some description, possessing some form of magical property that the recipient/s have no knowledge of, but which could be construed as beneficial in the long run and/or the short term. Perhaps linking dreams, or simply soothing.

Dumbledore informs Severus that there is a Basilisk corpse and several shed skins (mountains of near-priceless ingredients) in the Chamber of Secrets, but that he must acquire Harry's permission to access it, as it was he who killed it and he who is able to open the chamber.

Severus is informed, preferably by way of some form of riddle or sly implication, that Harry was nearly a Slytherin.

Harry is informed that Severus has some of his mother's old possessions.

Dumbledore gets cheerfully drunk and teaches the students some silly campfire songs at one of the feasts, and attempts to convince Severus to sing along, to Harry's mixed emotions. Bonus points for detailed description of Minerva and Draco's reactions.

Dumbledore insists on a camping excursion on the grounds, and that the Heads of House must supervise their rival House for the duration. Excuses may include morale building, inter-House cooperation, and survival training. Needless to say, marshmallows are mandatory.

Dumbledore gets students to write reviews of their teachers and their learning under them - on truth-enchanted parchment. Reasonable insults are not filtered out.

What I would rather not see:

Evil or Dark Dumbledore - this is primarily a humour challenge.

Extreme OOC in principle characters (apart from Dumbledore, if it's part of his meddling).

Character Death or other serious warnings.

Character Bashing.

I hope this challenge amuses rather than exasperates.
Summary: When Harry is sorted in his first year it took longer for the hat to decide his house than for the other students. Professor Snape gets curious about that and has a chat with the hat to find out why it took so long.
Summary: Harry has been practicing a dark magic, enough to become addicted to it. He doesn't want to stop. Enter Snape.
Summary: Severus is still loyal to Lord Voldemort when he finds out Harry is truly his son and doesn't change sides. He converts Harry to the Dark instead. Or Harry is Dark/changes sides and that's how they find out they're father and son. or Voldemort finds out Severus and Harry are related and orders Severus to bring Harry to the Dark side.
Summary: Harry has an older brother whom the Wizarding world mistakes as the Boy Who Lived. Harry's family go with it to shield Harry from the fame and likely targeting of being the Boy Who Lived, thus enabling him to grow up and fulfill his destiny for the good of the world. James and Lily are still alive and treat both sons the same with the same amount of love. The family and family friends know the truth of who the real Boy Who Lived is and they are protective of Harry.
  • Harry can know the truth or not.
  • Voldemort can remember the truth or not.
  • Would prefer the older brother be enough years older that he remembers that night.
  • Would prefer good Snape, with Snape being Harry's godfather.
  • Would prefer good Malfoys, with Narcissa as Harry's godmother.
  • If the Dursley's make an appearance, would prefer they are good too.
  • Older brother can secretly be Snape's child, or can be James' child.
Summary: Harry is sent to the Dursleys who accept him into the family and treat him like a son. They learn that Severus Snape is Harry's father.

Must have: Good Malfoys. Good Snape and Snape's father Tobias Snape good as well.
Summary: Snape becomes Harry's head of house, either of Gryffindor or it can be a new house if the four house system is annulled and replaced. This must take place any time after first year (not at the original sorting). Snape needs to be a strict, parental, and responsible head of house who really looks after his charges. He must help Harry especially some way. Harry could for example be: raped, abused, depressed, cutting himself, suicidal etc.
Summary: Harry finds out Snape was his biological father AFTER Snape dies.
  • Post-DH w/o Epilogue
  • Snape does not have to know that he was Harry's biological father before he dies
  • Memories, portraits, journals, wills, etc. are expected as a means of revelation/confrontation.
Summary: Harry knows he is Snape's son before Hogwarts. Snape doesn't.

Must Contain: Abusive Dursleys
Summary: Voldemort finds out that Harry is one of his Horcruxes. Now Voldemort wants Harry more than ever, but to keep safe.

When did voldemort find out? Did Snape tell him? Does Voldemort want Harry dead, or will Voldemort want Harry to turn to his side? Will Snape keep Harry from Voldemort, or deliver him?
Summary: Someone leaves a baby on Harry's doorstep. Whose baby is it? What does Harry do? How is Snape involved?
Summary: Harry is depressed and standing in a graveyard at night before or during 5th year. Who should spy him but Snape? He notices Harry is wearing nasty ragged shoes. What happens? How long is the story? You decide, it's all up to you. NO SLASH.

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