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Prisoners by Whitetail (T)
Left with partial paralysis after being tortured by Voldemort, Severus is sent...
In Care Of by FangsFawn (T)
In response to the "Bats have superior hearing..." challenge (and perhaps a...
Two Hawks Hunting by Snapegirl (T)
Sequel to Broken Wings! Harry & Severus quest for the remaining Horcruxes. Can...
To Trust by Abie (T)
Harry Potter is located in London in the dead of night. How exactly did he end...
Among The Gemini Trees by JAWorley (16+)
Harry and Hermione go to a prestigious summer school, where Snape is a teacher...

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Welcome to the Potions and Snitches (P&S) Fanfiction archive.

This is the home for stories exploring the general relationship between Severus Snape and Harry Potter. We are dedicated to enjoying the well-known favourites and finding the new. You will be able to find Mentor fics, Father and Son fics, and similar type stories in the archive. MA rated fics are not allowed on this site, nor is SS/HP slash. 

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Congratulations to Whitetail, who won featured status for her story, Prisoners. 


Also, another tie between TWO HAWKS HUNTING, by Snapegirl and IN CARE OF by Fangs Fawn, so both will be awarded also, FEATURED STATUS. 

 Well done to the all the talented authors. 

Pandora on 03 Sep 2014 11:59 pm [3 Comments]
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To Trust by Abie (T)
Harry Potter is located in London in the dead of night. How exactly did he end...
Love is a haven by atiaahmed (K)
In Second Year Severus and Harry developed an understanding due to a love charm...
Misunderstandings by Roselina4389 (T)
Snape hates Harry Potter. Harry Potter hates Snape. But one Occlumency lesson...
The Blood of the Covenant by The Lonely God With A Box (16+)
"How much do you hate me?" Harry asked Snape. "Infinitely," Snape sneered at...
Cherished by Roselina4389 (K+)
After being rescued from the outrageous treatment of the Dursleys, Harry Potter...

Story of the Moment
Of Ink and Parchment by ObsessiveaboutSnape K+
Harry's been sorted into Slytherin, and Snape is forced to see things he would rather not. And what does an old box from a long time friend have to do with anything? Entrant in the 2011 Fic Exchange. Written for autumnamberleaves.

09/23/14 03:07 am London Time
I am a applied behavioral therapist and work with autistic children. I am here too! :)
09/23/14 03:07 am London Time
I am a applied behavioral therapist and work with autistic children. I am here too! :)
09/23/14 12:26 am London Time
Thank you, Pandora :)
09/22/14 11:27 pm London Time
click on their name and it will way 'contact' at the top. You can then send WC an e-mail.
09/22/14 10:04 pm London Time
I can't figure out how to PM... How do I?
09/22/14 10:02 pm London Time
I am autistic, dyspraxic, and have sensory integration disorder, myself. Perhaps I can be of help. I shall PM you, watercrystals.
09/22/14 10:56 am London Time
will PM you too.
09/22/14 10:56 am London Time
Good Morning everyone. Happy Monday...yuck. Star has a degree in psychology, and experience, she can help a lot, but maybe I can too, with my son being Autistic...I have to go to work now, but I
09/22/14 04:30 am London Time
Could anyone who has experience/etc in those areas as mentioned please PM me? I really need to ask some questions and such because the story does require something rather specific with Harry.
09/22/14 04:28 am London Time
Thanks for the info JAWordley! I hadn't considered that part, but needed a reason for something like that at times so thanks!
09/22/14 04:27 am London Time
I'm as okay as I can be. I had a water bottle for most of the time at night, jut not during the day. I hate living here so much :-( Thank you everyone for the kind words *hugs*
09/22/14 03:01 am London Time
Just a thought on the question you'd asked Watercrystals.
09/22/14 03:00 am London Time
but that's like trying to ground or put in time out a kid with dyslexia... doesn't help them read better. The Explosive Child is a great book to read on the subject and many libraries have it
09/22/14 02:59 am London Time
expectations). Once taught the delay is no longer there and they are fine. Some consider it a lack of social skills, but it isn't. Most parents with these kids try to punish it out of them
09/22/14 02:58 am London Time
they haven't been given opportunity to practice social skills, but that they just haven't grasped the concept of thinking through all of their alternatives when they're frustrated (have un
09/22/14 02:57 am London Time
to deal with frustration, so they do the first thing that comes to mind. They explode or they implode. Some are physically voilent, others scream and tantrum, others shut down inwardly. It's not t
09/22/14 02:57 am London Time
but that is not the case. They will do things when they are frustrated that they know are wrong and often be very sorry later after they have calmed down. In the moment however they don't know how
09/22/14 02:56 am London Time
Watercrystals sometimes there are kids who have a slight developmental delay only in that they don't know how to deal with frustration. They can seem as though they are being defiant or rebellious
09/22/14 02:45 am London Time
Hello everyone, happy Monday. I once worked with two kids who were dyslexic. And were held back too. It needed patience and a lot of hard work.
09/21/14 11:53 pm London Time
i have an Autistic son, but don't have a degree.
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