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New PS email and info on Fic Fest

Hello everyone!

We are really excited about the fic fest. We have decided to make it a little easier by having one email. The email is


All stories can be mailed there along with any inquiries you may have.

 We have decided to extend the fic fest to next week Jan 12th. We will add the stories starting tomorrow Jan 6th. 

Thanks you!

starangel2106 on 05 Jan 2014 4:32 pm [0 Comments]
Server Maintenance

Hello Everyone,

I usually am not around often, or post notices, but I have just received an email from our webhost informing me of a posible downtime to the site due to maintenance on the servers. It is scheduled for December 3rd and might span up to the 4th, but no longer than that. 

 To make sure nothing goes wrong I will make a backup of the site tonight, in about a couple of hours. To those of you wanting to post chapters I would recommend waiting until the 4th to avoid any possible problems that could arise from the maintenance.

Animealam on 03 Dec 2013 4:56 am [5 Comments]
2013 Holiday Fic Fest!

Potions and Snitches is excited to present a Fic fest for the season. Please join us in having a lot of entries! There will be a winner or more depending on entries. As in the past, there will be a nomination round to vote for your favorite new story.


  • The Fic Fest will open Nov 1st
  • The end of the fest will be Jan 5th at midnight EST. Please email submissions to


Pandora- dawndemersca@yahoo.ca

Wands - mythmaster22@gmail.com

Or Star- starangel2106@yahoo.com

With a subject of 2013 fic fest.


Thank you,

P&S mods.  

starangel2106 on 28 Oct 2013 1:55 am [15 Comments]

Hi everyone,

JA talked to Harry Potter and he wanted to make a surprise video for all of the wonderful writers here at Potions and Snitches.


Pandora on 26 Oct 2012 4:35 pm [13 Comments]

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