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Title: Week 21, Tired 14 Aug 2014 7:32 pm
Reviewer: ravenhaired88 (Signed) [Report This]
    wow. this is such a unique, brilliant, interesting story. I hope you update it at some point. I quite like Burnt also, though, so I'm not sure which I would hope to have updated sooner. Not that I have a say.

    Anyways. But excellent story overall. And I am curious to see how this attempted suicide will fit in to the story.
Title: Week 21, Tired 10 Aug 2014 6:01 pm
Reviewer: Crystal (Anonymous) [Report This]
    I love this story and I'm waiting patiently for the next chapter. Hope it will be soon.
Title: Week 21, Tired 21 Jul 2014 10:45 pm
Reviewer: teriwright (Signed) [Report This]
    I've read this story a few times on other sites and i love it just as much now as I did when I first found it. I do hope you continue it. Hermes is such a creative, new, interesting character. I've always thought the Hermione character would have done well in Slytherin and I'm glad to read a story that explores that a little bit. I'm more interested in the gender identity angle though. More please!!! :-)
Title: Week 21, Tired 26 Jun 2014 7:25 pm
Reviewer: oolie (Anonymous) [Report This]
    I love this story!
Title: Week 21, Tired 08 Jun 2014 4:18 pm
Reviewer: BooYaa! (Anonymous) [Report This]
    Awesome story!!
Title: Week 21, Tired 17 Apr 2014 10:49 pm
Reviewer: Abie (Signed) [Report This]
    This is one of the most brilliant fics I've ever read. It is really unique and well-written, and the characterization is amazing. I'm eagerly awaiting an update.
Title: Week 9 22 Mar 2014 9:36 pm
Reviewer: Hello (Anonymous) [Report This]
    Your description of Harry's mind sounds exactly like what it feels to be autistic. In fact, this story's portrayal of Harry leads one to believe he is autistic rather than brain-damaged.
Title: Week 21, Tired 16 Oct 2013 10:39 pm
Reviewer: Fmh (Signed) [Report This]
    Lovely to have an update and to have such a good Harry and Severus interaction thank you
Title: Week 21, Tired 15 Oct 2013 3:10 pm
Reviewer: Lady Destiny (Signed) [Report This]
    Oh my goodness...talk about intense! Please update again really soon, I can't wait to read more!
Title: Week 21, Tired 15 Oct 2013 3:36 am
Reviewer: bianca (Anonymous) [Report This]
    Hurrah! An update! I've been missing this story!
Title: Week 21, Tired 14 Oct 2013 5:24 pm
Reviewer: Alexander (Anonymous) [Report This]
    Thank you for the update! I've missed this story!
Title: Week 20, Early Morning Trauma 24 Jul 2013 7:46 pm
Reviewer: Lo (Anonymous) [Report This]
    Your story is incredibly engaging and wise. Made me laugh, cry and ponder. It was most thouhtful of you to describe these conversations as transcripts. I have never read something like that in fanfiction. Idea of multiple characters is working really well and reminds me why I loved potterverse in the first place. Many writers of fanfics forget how complex it is. You focused on relations between Houses, teachers and students and reflected them uniquely. Hannah, Sabrina, Justin even Filch and many others - they're like real people with real problems and are easy to identify with.
    I hope Hermes will succed to change his physical gender and in the end everybody will aknowledge that. You give hints about somebody in his family abusing him sexually - I suspect it's his uncle who was mentioned and Hermes wasn't exactly fond of him. But from the way how magical world justified Vernon Dursley I'm sure you adress matter of punishment for Hermes' molesters as well.
    I would like very much to know more of your story and read it further! Language you use made me look into dictionary quite often which is very good, some words I seen for the first time. If it was complete I'd probably try to translate your story into my native polish - only when you agree of course.

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