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I am an avid Celestial Serpent fan (Snape/Sinistra), so it's a bit odd that I'd be on here. However, I wholly agree that Snape should have adopted Harry so most of my stories will have that be the end result.

My current active stories right now are Rising from the Ashes (FFnet).

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Challenges by Lady Lanera
Summary: Snape keeps having this reoccurring nightmare that includes Harry and others in it. Hes been having this dream ever since he first saw Harry. What is the dream? How, if at all, does it affect Snape in the waking world? And what happens as a result of it? It can be any of the following categories.
Summary: Young Harry can't sleep for whatever reason, which forces Snape to tell him a bedtime story since he refuses to give Harry Dreamless Sleep. Harry can be sick or healthy, but there must be a bedtime story told.
Summary: Everyone knows that the Astronomy Tower is the coolest place to go at night. So what's Harry's reason for sneaking up to the Astronomy Tower one night? And what in the world is Severus Snape doing up there?
Summary: Boggarts have infested Hogwarts. They're literally all over the place. So who better to go Boggart hunting than Harry and Snape?

Must use at least two professors (one must be from the list) and two other students (again, one must be from the list). Must reveal Snape's boggart, which can be anything the author so desires. Can be written funny or serious.
Summary: Write a story where Snape and Harry spend some quality time together and learn something about one another that they didn't know before.
Summary: Write a story where Snape and Harry go to the zoo in the Wizarding World. You can include the regular animals (penguins, lions, bears, etc), but try to include some new interesting and creative animals.
Summary: Xanadu: a beautiful idyllic place. Write a story where our favorite duo find their Xanadus. *bonus if you include lots of different people in the story. :D
Summary: Night after night, Harry dreams of a reality where he's loved by his family where Snape is his real father. And each morning when he awakes, he remembers the dream with crystal clarity and an object from the dream appears somewhere in his room. What happens when Harry finds out that his dream is actually his true reality? Obviously, there will be two realities shown here. So there will be two very different Snape's shown. :D
Summary: Harry and Snape end up going on a good old summer vacation. What sorts of wacky adventures with the duo find?

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