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Name: Toni (female)
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I'm a an American student studying Early Childhood eduacation and Marine Biology.At the moment however I'm taking a gap year and I am now an Au Pair in the Netherlands! I know it's an exciting time for me, but I'll still update my stories, I want to finish them as I have new ideas trying to come forth all the time.

I'm on Pottermore and though I'm a Slytherin at heart, I was sorted into Ravenclaw so I had to change my house on here lol.  I really shouldnt have been surprised, books were my best friend all through school. They brought me the most joy when people couldnt.

I love reading Harry Potter Fanfiction soties and I absolutly hate it when I get to the last chapter of a story and its unfinished..and bascially abandoned. I will never abandoned my stories. At the moment I'm focusing on finisingh every last one of them. And as I'm currently abroad with a bit of free time in the morning I'm going to set an hour or so each day to type on at least one story! Yay for planning, also it helps if you leave a review when you read, That is ALWAYS good for motivation and my muse!

I love protective older brother/friend Ron, and Draco for that matter so they will be included in some of my stories with Sev and Harry. I dont like Hermione, I love Emma Watson as an actress, but Hermione Granger is my least favorite character in the HP world. I hated that she had to be right and no one else could. A bit of a snob and a know-it-all. So you'll rarely see her in my stories, she fades to the background, or they have a fight and she never comes back. Sorry!  Also, I dont like the ship of Ginny/Harry blech!

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